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Witch Doctor
Whats the best build to play in MP10 and what kind of stats should be the focus?
anyone got an opinion?
the general consensus is that it's 0dogs, bears or nothing.

i hope to prove this wrong soon! i'm not there in gear yet, but when i am....
What worked best for me is;

1.) Any primary skill that compliments Vision Quest (Spiders, Darts, Firbomb, Toads)
2.) Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit
3.) Dogs - Life Link
4.) Garg - Bruiser
5.) Spirit Walk - Jaunt
6.) Zombie Bears

1.) Jungle Fortitude
2.) Vision Quest
3.) Spiritual Attunement

The key here is mana regen both on skills and gear. A complete zuni set is cheap to get now and can be done on a budget. I recommend getting mana regen for mojo as well which you can also get cheap.
ive tried mp10 with a few diff builds
cannot do it :(
the damage i take is just too extreme
4.8k armor, 800+ res, 55k life, lifesteal, life on hit, etc
i just get hit too damn hard vs. 1 elite pack
how the hell am i gonna take on 2 with nasty mods?

also, mp10 really sucks lol........waaaaay too much life
i hate it when !@#$ lives longer then 2 seconds....and some of this stuff lives over 2mins!

/e: dont get me wrong, i COULD kill things in mp10 if i REALLY wanted to, but its not worth the time + efffort. I kill at a very nice pace on mp1-3 with 200k dps. I played a pub game today on mp5 and it was PAINFULLY slow cuz every1 else was 100k or less dps.........
I like 0 dog!

You can see my vídeo in MP10, with critical near of 2M:
bears, paranoia

slam dance, hex, honored guest, vengeful spirit


(current build in my profile)

crazy buffs everywhere.. good mitigation with hex for 1 elite and sometimes 2 if theres trash nearby and GI can reset the skill quick enough.

People say GI isn't good for high MP's but I think it's great... very helpful for killing trash to reset slam dance and mass confusion for every elite. being able to spirit walk/vengeful spirit a lot is obviously very helpful too.
The build you are using could scale into MP10, but I would run that with a crap ton of attack speed becasue you would mostly be relying on RoT to kill things. You could throw AC now and then but RoT would be your main kill skill.

I run Rot,AC, and Bears (as a cleanup skill). I also have Procs; freeze, chill, and immobolize. I chose to include bears in my build becasue bears are a great crowd demolishing skill, which comes in very handy in almost all areas of Act 3.

I have also dropped the pets because one garg isn't much help, and dogs die way too fast on MP10.

I have also included Hex as an elite killing skill.
I have been doing some solo MP10 with well of souls/ acid cloud setup. The damage seems a little lacking compared to a bears build but my survivability seems better since I can spam WOS almost infinitely. If my WD wasn't so squishy I could drop some defensive skills/passive and up the kill speed quite a bit. I would love to work PTV into my build but I would run into mana problems using Acid cloud and as I said before, my WD is squishy so I really need jungle fort for MP10.
OP, i find spirit barrage very powerful in mp10
one very useful skill at MP10 is locust swarm - devouring rune. big mobs = full mana almost all the time. great mana skill. But don't depend solely on it for your mana because sometimes when you fight bosses or elites there isn't always a big mob around for you to devour.
04/06/2013 05:18 PMPosted by GCRAZY
anyone got an opinion?

Since you dont mention budget, I assume its of no concern.

My build can do mp 10 pretty easily and you dont have to worry bout mana (no vq, br, roe, widowmaker, zuni set, etc is needed). If you wanna see it in action just add me B25HLG#1772.

I know my helm isnt BIS.. saving money for giyua.. flipping been kinda slow lately esp after the introduction of account bound crafting :(

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