7:36 ish PM 4/16 hiccup?

Technical Support
I was playing hardcore and I noticed that I was disconnected somehow. I was watching a stream on my second monitor and didn't see that the stream was interrupted at all... My room mate was also on the internet and noticed no problem.

Was there a problem on battle.net?? I just got some kind of error message and then it brought me to my dead monk. Awesome...

Any chance for a rollback or something...? Anyone else out there die too?
No comment??? REALLY?? This is the kind of issue that makes me seriously want to quit, I would be happy with even a "tough luck kid" post from Blizzard...

From the Hardcore forums it's quite clear it was some kind of a problem on battle.net's end, I'd really like to at least even understand what went wrong so I can try to avoid DYING. I don't even so much care about the hero dying as much as being denied an honorable death.
maintenance i guess .. i cant log in now. . the server is under maintenance .. i dont know how much its gonna take tell me if u knew when its gonna finish

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