Loss of Connection = Loss of position

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Recently I've been losing my connection to the Blizzard servers a LOT..which seems odd since I don't lose connection to anything ELSE - only Battle-Net. In SCII, no big deal, you can continue to play and when the connection returns, it syncs what you've done in the few minutes/seconds since the link was lost. D3 doesn't do that...it instantly kicks you out entirely, you have to even log in again, and you start at the last checkpoint - all over again.
It makes it hard to enjoy playing the game when you randomly have to go through the hassle of logging in, and replaying the entire section you JUST played yet again.
Just wanted to say that you are not alone... this has been happening to me all weekend, as well as tonight. No loss of internet connection on my end, and no lag either, just decides to disconnect me from Battlenet. Hoping the six hour maintenance tomorrow will resolve whatever is going on.
I never had this problem until today. Lose the connection to Diablo but everything else is still working fine.
the bug forum is not the place for lag and general disconnection issues. this is a tech support forum thing.

that being said you all need to post tracert and pathping information. make sure to do those while you are lagging.

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