Rapid fire dosen't always leech with gloom

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Pretty simple, i've noticed that about 60% of the time my rapid fire properly works with shadow power:gloom. Unfortunately this has resulted in multiple unforeseen wipes. I rely greatly on gloom for survival and from one mob to another it sometimes works and sometimes does not work. Im not talking about shooting a shielded target or any other odd buffers, but just straight up, trash mob to elite mob the heal has a mind of its own. In any given game it will go from operational to non operational dozens and dozens of times. Can anyone shed light on this for me? Thank you.
start gloom before using rapid fire.
yeah i also noticed this with strafe as well
I have noticed the same thing as well. With half life and gloom up, RF will on occasion not convert any damage to life, will continue to see half life despite tons of damage being delivered. Same goes for Strafe as well, so assume this must be a bug with Gloom affecting a larger set of hatred spending (haven't tried it yet with hatred generating) skills and not just RF.
Also noticed this, seems to be an issue with gloom and channeling hatred burners.
Would be a nice fix, but until it gets fixed unfortunately you have to hit gloom prior to using RF or strafe.
I have the same problem.
Before the patch 1.0.8 i used to play with elemental arrow - ball lightning and shadow power - gloom and i never had problem with my life leech.
After the patch i would like to try rapid fire - bombardment and sometimes it didn't proc the life leech effect. I made several tries and i think the same than Morogoth gloom must be triggered before the rapid fire or briefly stop rapid fire and restart it if you put your gloom on you first.
It was very annoying and it doesn't happen with other hatred spender i use like elemental arrow, multishot or spikes trap for example (i didn't try with strafe).
Since this is on the first page I don't feel dirty bumping this.

These posts are getting old. Just because a mass majority of DH's have jumped on the RF bandwagon doesn't mean this stuff is a bug. This is how the skill has always been. The way the skill works is different from the others; how is this difficult to understand?

Hopefully all the RF bug posters will see this and stop posting bug reports about this skill.

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