Attention WINDFORCE Users!!

Demon Hunter

I really liked my Hungering Arrow SoT, Spike Trap Scatter build with cold damage with Sentries and Custom Engineering.

I recently changed my build up. I now run:!dXe!abZbZa

The core of the build is two spenders, Elemental Arrow BL and Rapid Fire FS, with Nightstalker + Prep Punishment to keep hatred up. My follower is on snare duty, but this build also works with cold damage and you can use NT and Web Shot so both abilities snare, and then CtW is a passive option. Ball Lightning with how often it hits with decent crit and nightstalker returns a massive amount of disc for punishment, and since you can buff crit chance of rapid fire it also returns tons of disc for punishment. The knockback rate on both abilities is also very good.

Vault can be swapped out for bait the trap if you need more crit for disc regen, or shadow power. I just don't run shadow power because my regen is high enough with brooding, and I use aid station for my sentry rune on higher MP.

The build also works better with a bit more than 30 disc, it works fine with 30, but I prefer 40-50. I currently just run with disc on cloak because it seems to provide the least amount of stat loss. I did use Nat's four piece for awhile, but the 50 disc was overkill, 40 is fine.
12/27/2013 01:08 AMPosted by Rav1n
Playstyle : Dont stop shooting !!
Am I the only WF Strafer?

Just obtained a wf again. Dropped shadow power all together and went with marked for death, got sick of spamming gloom when all I used it for was lifesteal (calamity).
Sentry builds seem like they'll be really strong going into ROS. Pumped for the companion and sentry buffing legendries. Glad I didn't pursue a manticore.

Just used torturous ground rune for caltrop for the first time. Did not know it still added a 60% slow. Such an awesome stally skill with suppression fire.

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