need help with my monk

which mp can i farm in with the stats i have now and how do i improve him??
If you can kite pretty good probably mp 6, but you have no lifesteal so it would be pretty hard, I would stick with mp 4 and you should just blow most things up.
Get a new inna's helm with something other than magic find, maybe fire res, and try to get higher stamina on it than your current one, also throw away that topaz and put in purple or red, you have really low stamina so until you pick up 10k-20k more health I would put purple gem in your hat.

The only person who can tell you what MP you are capable of with that gear and build is you, but with that much HP and only life on hit with no life steal on either weapon I would guess mp2 or 3.

Might be a good idea to read a couple guides
I think you can deal with MP1 maxi!!!!
don't listen to these trolls man I think you can solo mp 10 ubers will be hard thou just keep trying :)
Sorry, I made mistake. You can solo on mp 11.
thanks! that's a great help =)
is it okay to sacrifce 5k dps for 8k hp? just asking..
yes 24hp is low need bout 45khp min
I would say MP4 or 5. My biggest concern for you is only 24K health and you're still on Life on Hit.

Your DPS is high enough that Life Steal should be better than whatever LoH you have. But mainly I would try and get your vitality up in any way you can. The chest is usually the best source of vitality but you're going to have to sac some dps because a 190 Dex 250+ vit inna is quite a bit of gold. Shoulders and Boots are also okay for vit but again, pricey upgrades. I would try to get a 120 dex 260 vit chest if you have the gold. An amulet is an okay spot for vit as well so maybe try crafting a few?
Update: I've bought a helm and changed a bit of stuff here and there, bought a LS main weap and my stamina has gone up to 41k although i lose 7k dps. To me, i thought that change is quite worth it, not sure what u guys think.
Definitely. 17K HP is worth way more than 7K dps, especially for your character.

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