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So just bought a new mouse a couple of months ago, and playing CM wiz pretty much broke it really really fast.

My previous experiences with mouses included the Mx 510-518 series. I use to game hardcore Counter-Strike 1.6 back in the day and this was the two mices I've always used throughout 5+ years.

Did a quick search for a new mouse, and so this pop up. Seems really cool. Anyone have it or have any experience with it? Seems pretty awesome too me.

Also, found this killer deal too

I hate the stupid design on the mousepad, gonna look like a total dork. But I know the qck pads from SS are great and that's an awesome price too.

Can anyone comment on the mouse?
I have the Corair Vengeance mouse

I would say its a really good mouse for the price. It has a couple extra programmable buttons for gaming, but its not covered head to to in them like an MMO mouse. Adjustable weight, and comfortable to use for hours on end. I've had it 6 months, and no sign of wear.
I like Corsair for hardware parts, not a big fan of their peripherals.

Thank you for the suggestion though :)

Anyone else can suggest a new mouse or comment on the SS D3 mouse?
I have been using the SS D3 mouse since Christmas. smooth and responsive, and I love that glow.

No major issues with the hardware, I think I had to unplug it once when it stopped responding, but plugged it right back in and worked fine.

I did have to learn to hold my hand a little different because I kept hitting the buttons on the side, but haven't hit one by accident in a couple months now
My Steel Series keyboard (7G) is a champ, my R.A.T. 7 Contagion mouse is a beast so far. I love my set up. Only issue is the Contagion doesn't play well my mouse pad (I have the same Steel Series pad that you linked) so I have to use it on the hard surface of my desk. They were a bit pricey but worth it.
The real issue I have is that there needs to be a Blizzard Mouse where upon it can be used with ANY Blizzard game (WOW, SC II, and Diablo ).

We should be able lo load character profiles for each game (like the WOW mouse).

PS I am currently using the Steel Series World Of Warcraft Mouse to Play Diablo III. Unfortunately I only can map 3 abilities to this mouse :-(

I see a feature on the mouse that lets you load or save spells to the 7 buttons on to the mouse. Have you used this feature? Is it helpful? Maybe just geeky coolness?

Kinda of a n00b to this fancy mice :p
Well, I made the jump and decided to buy the SS D3 mouse!!

Hopefully I made the right choice :p

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