constructive criticism for monk gear plz

i've gone and bought gear for my monk, following some of the gearing guides, but am not too happy with the results. what did i do wrong?

i was aiming to build a top-tier TR monk (ie 150k+)

ill list the items im playing with currently, coz i may change them around etc.
i have the following items (listing only main stats and only jewellery, the other pieces i think are fine? plz correct me if i'm wrong):

1) 335 dex, 100 vit, CHC 7.5%, empty socket
2) +23 min dmg, 74 dex, CHC 9%, CHD 43%
3) +22 max dmg, 208 dex, +280 armour, CHC 6%, CHD 95%
EQUIPPED- 4) xephirian amulet - 2.18 spir regen, CHC 7%

as you can see, have been trying for a BoA amulet, no luck so far. want to ditch xephirian, am losing too much dps i think.

1) +75 vit, +237 armour, CHD 44%, CHC 4.5%
2) +32-98 dmg, +89 vit, +219 armour, chc 6%
EQUIPPED - 3) +30-60 dmg, 160dex, 79 res all , CHC 6%
EQUIPPED - 4) +15-39 dmg, 65 res all, +178 armour, CHD 49%, CHC 4%

bought a SoJ, but in my hurry, got the wrong CHC (instead of TR CHC, got CHC WoL haha). luckily managed to resell it without losing (much) money.

so anyway, what changes should i make in order to break the 150k dps mark?

any help much appreciated.
Inna's chest or pants with high vit, switch gems for emeralds, and get some zuni boots. As you said, you amulet is really hurting your DPS. I just simulated switching my amulet for yours, and I'm losing 40k DPS...
huh yea

i just bought a CHC 10%, CHD 99%, 27-52avg dmg amulet
a +29-76, CHC 6%, CHD 47% ring

i ditched the xephirian

swapped out MoC Submission with MoH circular breathing

spir regen is 12.69, which is plenty, AND i got 147k dps. not sure if thats an improvement, no idea if MoC effective dps > 147k sheet dps i got from dropping it.

any other suggestions? ill keep the inna's chest/pants with high vit in mind.
also, i want to try using WoL for elites. how much spir regen do i need? i have to go to uni now, ill check later to see if i am able to use it with current specs or not.

will keep rolling for amulet and bracers, and start on the hellfire ring too.

lastly, haha, i'm averaging 10-12 mins alkaizer run, is that decent?
When I run TR/Bell, I just use quickening for refilling my spirit pool once in a while, and then I can throw some bells on elites.

As I said in my other post, if you want more DPS, Zuni boots are a great choice. Get some with 150+ Dex, AR and 8% Poison Damage. Won't be cheap though, but should boost your damage by around 8%. However, I would not make that switch right away, as you'll lose some life and your HP is already pretty low.

Also, didn't saw this the first time, upgrade the gem in your weapon as soon as possible. You have a easy 5k ish DPS upgrade there.

Which MP were you planning on playing mainly ?

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