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I posted this in another thread as a response in General Discussion, but since I'm asking a lore-related question I'll post it here. Here goes:

What is the current lore behind characters like the Necro, Javazon, Assassin and Druid from D2? Where does their lore fit into the overall lore of the world of Sanctuary (between the game, books, etc. - all that contributes to the Diablo mythos)?

Maybe we can get some hints about what we might see if they return to the game, by looking at their current lore...
Do you mean the heroes specifically? If so, the only ones fate that has been explained is the sorceress's. You can read it in the short story, 'Firefly.'

If you're talking about the classes in general, check out the Diablo II and LoD game manuals. There is some pretty good stuff in there. If you don't have them, let me know and I'll give you a rundown.
The Barb is also the same barb in d2/d3
I googled some stuff from the Sin War trilogy about necromancers (my main interest) but I have no idea how they'd integrate them into D3.

I guess I am sort of interested in how the lore of, say, the Wizard class in D3 ties in with the Sorceress of D2. We already know the Barb of D3 is the same as D2, just older. I'm also curious to know if D2's Paladin and D3's Templar have any common threads in their history. And where the Druid comes from, and so on.

I know it's just a game but I'm still curious to know where each group hails from on the overall world map, and what their backgrounds are like... I'll take a look at the D2 info on Arreat Crater to see what they have for each of the older classes...

I'd still like someone to explain where each is from and what their history is like :) Even if they're not in D3, I'd like an update on each one. You know, how it all ties together.
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I guess I am sort of interested in how the lore of, say, the Wizard class in D3 ties in with the Sorceress of D2.
Cool. That specifically is detailed in the short story I linked above, so make sure to check that out.

As for everything else, I'd be very happy to give you the condensed version. Give me a little bit though.
Cool thanks :P
Barb - comes from mount arriet, smashes the crap out of demons and saves his world. in d3, he fights for revenge.

Necro - the balance is swinging in d2, therefore the necros come out to balance it.

Amazon - not sure exactly, fairly similar to sorc i believe.

sorceress - trained for killing demons, fate, stuff like that. what is better then killing the Prime evils :)
(the Wizard is a rouge spellcaster and is in no way related to the d2 sorc btw.)

Paladin - fighting to rid corruption from the land.

expansion classes im not very certain about. ill try to give a halfway decent summary though:

assasin: considers diablo just as worthy a target as a rouge spellcaster (which assassins in d2 hunt anyway. wonder how the Wizard would get along :P)

druid - i guess he just came out of the forest to kill diablo so he doesnt get bothered by hells armies when they come to sanctuary....
Hailing from the Skovos Isles, the amazons, or Askari, are a matriarchal society of warriors. The civilization began with a firstborn Nephalem named Philios, and a woman named Askarra. They birthed twin girls who vowed to find the angelic relic called the Sightless Eye, a mirror that allows contact to Heaven as well as seeing the future. They found the relic on the Skovos Isles and made their home there. From the tougher sister, the amazons descended, and from the mystical sister, the oracles descended. After some time, for unknown reasons, some of the Askari disagreed with what their sisters were doing, took the Sightless Eye, and fled to mainland Sanctuary. These Askari came to be the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, or the rogues from Diablo I and II. The Askari and the Sisterhood seem to be in good relations despite the revolution.

Malthael, former Archangel of Wisdom may seek the Sightless Eye in the future of Diablo, in which case the Askari and Sisterhood would likely oppose with force. Apart from that, there are no clues as to whether or not they will play a significant part in the near future.

Approximately 1500 years before the events of Diablo III, the powerful Vizjerei mage brothers, Bartuc and Horazon, fought the battle of Viz-jun. Bartuc, also called the Warlord of Blood, used his magical ability to control the armies of Hell and Horazon disagreed with his dangerous techniques. Bartuc lost the battle, but at the cost of an entire city and many of the Vizjerei clan. The remaining mages formed a secret order dedicated to killing any corrupt mage, Vizjerei or otherwise. They were known as Viz-Jaq'taar, or assassins.

The assassins are a very secretive order, so their current whereabouts are unknown. Some assassins may have left the order to become demon hunters. With all major demonic corruption currently handled, it is unknown what their next move might be. However, Bartuc may be bound to the Black Abyss and may return which would warrant some assassin regulation.

The Children of Bul-Kathos hail from Arreat, as you know. Bul-Kathos was a firstborn Nephalem who believed in strict martial discipline. They guarded the Worldstone, almost as if by accident. No modern, or even relatively modern barbarian knew exactly what the Worldstone was or the extent of its powers.

The barbarian in Diablo III is actually not the same one as Diablo II. Since the destruction of the Worldstone and of Mt. Arreat, the barbarian tribes have been in total disarray. Some travel in small groups or alone trying to understand their destiny, while other not-so-lucky barbarians have succumbed to demonic corruption or have regressed to primal nature.

The first druid was a Nephalem named Fiacla-Gear. He was either the brother or close friend of Bul-Kathos (it is not known which it is). After the two prophesied the destruction of the Worldstone, they decided how best to guard it. They disagreed, but both acknowledged each others' merits. Fiacla-Gear gathered the greatest shamans from the tribe and left to Scosglen, where the druids still exist today. The remainder of the tribe grew into what the barbarians are.

They may return to aid their brothers in the reconstruction of their homeland now that the demonic seige has subsided.
The ancient guardian Trag'Oul taught the Linarian, a firstborn Nephalem, the ways of the Balance and he became the first Necromancer, taking on the name Rathma to spite his parents Lilith and Inarius. Rathma is the patron of the aptly named Priests of Rathma. The priests are dedicated to the Balance, a philosophy of both life and death, order and chaos, and good and evil. A balance must be stricken between all of these, therefore, the necromancers are none of them. They hail from the Eastern Jungles, or more accurately, under them in a vast city.

Their next move is unknown as of now, but with Hell leaderless and Heaven and Sanctuary aligned as one, I would guess that they will return once again to return order to creation.

The Zakarum Church first dispatched paladins to protect their missionaries while spreading the word of the Light. After Zakarum had successfully dominated the west, they disappeared. Much later they were called into action once more under the name “Hand of the Zakarum.” These warriors were responsible to expunge demonic corruption, even though their own Church was under the influence of Mephisto. From these inquisitors, some rebeled after questioning the intents and actions of the Church. This New Order became the paladins that we played in Diablo II.

The Templar Order may be yet another revival of the paladin from the Zakarum Church, but the Church has apparently not risen from the ashes. The Church is now brainwashing people to fight for them for a still unknown reason. The New Order of Paladins likely still exists and would likely still feel the same way about their Church.

Esu was a firstborn Nephalem and a master of the elements. Her followers became the female clan of the Zann Esu Sorceresses. Little is known about the clan, only that it is based in the Eastern Jungles.

Most mages of all sorts now reside within the Yshari Sanctum, it is unknown what the mages there will do next.
Oh my blob, this is amazing! :O Thanks for posting this - there's so much I didn't know about the characters. Will share it in the main forum. :)
You're welcome. Remember, this is just a summary.
So that's why the barbs on D3 are so weak, they dont even know of their lineage...
In terms of the third instalment of the game there is basically no lore behind the characters beside little tidbits like Sorc dying and Necro being the master of his apprentice, which I find sad.
Chris, you're amazing

Thanks a lot for posting
It's somewhat dissapointing that the classes from D2 play no part in D3.
The Characters from D1 all turned up in D2 as bosses having been corrupted by Diablo (The Warrior became diablo, the Rouge became Blood Raven, and the Sorcerer was the Summoner in the chaos sanctuary).

So far only the Necromancer has been mentioned in game, and we don't even see him, just one of his apprentices.
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The Barb is also the same barb in d2/d3

It's not, it's a different barbarian
I'd like to know about what happened with the druid and assassin, but I do know this at least:

D1 Warrior = Dark Wanderer in D2
D1 Sorc = The Summoner in D2 (arcane sanc boss)
D1 Rogue = Blood Raven in D2

D2 Barb, I hear a 50/50 on if he's the same barb or not in D3.
D2 Necro = wandering necromancer's master in D3 (you find the apprentice in events and he refers to his master, which is the necro from D2)
D2 Amazon = Potential an upcoming content based on some lore drops of the Isles?
D2 Paladin = I believe the Crusader mentioned something about him or at least his Order
D2 Sorc = Not sure
D2 Assassin = Not Sure
D2 Druid = Not sure
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D2 Sorc = Not sure
D2 Assassin = Not Sure

Play through Act 5 as a Wizard.
(the Wizard is a rouge spellcaster and is in no way related to the d2 sorc btw.)

How is having a master/apprentice relationship being "in no way related"? The Wizard from Diablo III was the apprentice of the Sorceress from Diablo II.
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The Barb is also the same barb in d2/d3

Blizzard has stated they are not the same Barbarian.

Think about if it were the same barb, would he not know/recognize Deckard Cain? It was originally intended for it to be the same barbarian, but blizzard got lazy and didn't want to make a separate set of dialogue for the male barbarian.

If you remember the 2008 d3 gameplay video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K0YkUH6r6c#t=443

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