15M US-SC to ID this gear from Diablo 2

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04/22/2013 01:57 PMPosted by Faythe
Is the spirit perfect FCR or not giving that info?

It is perfect, good call, this allows the ring setup I have chosen.
Sanctuary tower shield then for the backup, I'll adjust my post.
You're still not right Faythe :(

Last clue, because the rings are really hard, one of the rings is an soj, grim has correctly identified the amulet and boots.

The small charms have not been identified. one of the stats on them is 20 life, and bugged versions were popular.
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- Head: griff
- Armour: vipermagi
- Shield: spirit
- Weapon: suicide branch
- Amulet: armageddon fletch
- Ring 1: soj
- Ring 2: fcr/ares/str/vit
- Gloves: trangs
- Belt: a.mesh
- Boots: grim spur

- Backup Armour: ormus
- Backup Shield: sanctuary
- Backup weapon: wizspike
- Blue grand charm type (most likely stats): light/life
- Blue small charm type (most likely stats): life/mana
- Unique large charm: torch
- Unique small charm: anni

i have no idea what the names are on useast for dupes =[
Duner I'm not sure what you mean with ring #2, and the small charms are wrong :) You must name the ammy and boots! (grim has done this)
I'll admit this has been quite fun thinking back of old gear. I'm guessing Soj/Raven Frost combo cause with that duped neck that should put you at 200 FCR unless I'm messing up the math somewhere. And that you have another source of cannot be frozen that I don't seem to recall.
FCR Ring
Trangs gloves
Grim Spur

Torch Anni
The 'cannot be frozen' stat is useless for the sorc if you recall, frozen doesn't affect casting. Hehe, keep cracking I want a winner here.
Xane you are wrong on the ammy. Think a bit more rare than that!

ERP, I goofed and told you all the amulet was correctly identified. It was a storm circlet.

Xane was the closest, and guessed correctly on everything but what I goofed on, therefore I'm giving the following rewards:

- Xane with 20M
- Grim: 10M
- Faythe: 10M
- TheDuner: 10M

PM me in game for your rewards!
Wait you said the amulet and I still got it wrong? lolol
See the post above for your rewards!
very nice!
Helm: Grifs with 5/5
Armour: Magi (Possible 08)
Shield: 35fcr Spirit
Weapon: Eth suicide branch with a 7/15 most likely
Amulet: 2 sorc/20 fcr or 30mara
Ring: soj if 20 fcr ammy, 10fcr ring if maras
Ring: 10 fcr ring
Boots: Hopefully a perm pair of imps
Belt: Arach
Gloves: Trangs
BackupArmour: A light ormus
BackupKnife: Wizzy, possibly 08 if the ammy isn't a 08 dupe with a 7/15
Backupshield: Sanctuary (or 08 unid stormshield which I doubt!)

Grand Charms: 3x Light skillers
Small charms: 1x fhr/res, rest should be life/res
Sorc torch, hopefully 20/20 cause you're missing some massive res
Anni also 20/20?

Set up should allow for 200 fcr and assuming 86 fhr assuming spirit and imps


25 griffs + 20 ammy + 30 magi + 50 branch + 40 (trangs+arach) + 35 spirit + 10 fcr ring = 210 fcr


55 spirit + 20 imps + 7 fhr/15 res jewel + 5 sc res/life = 87

Switching Ormus for magi loses 10 fcr which is covered by the fcr ring to maintain 200 fcr
Switching SB for Wizzy will stack res but keep fhr cause the jewel
Sanctuary cause trolling?
This was fun, so the 2nd ring was a FCR ring? Just a rare or crafted? What was the prefix for the small charms?

Yes the ring was a fcr ring with high dex/resists/mana

add me, we're waiting for ya!
Grim spurs, armageddon fletch ammy,
Viper Magi
Maras Ammy
Spirit Shield
Trang Ouls Gloves
Ormus Robe
Wiz Spike
Lightning Skill Charms +Life
Hellfire Torch
Anni Charm
Those boots look like some type of rare boot
Griffons Eye
Suicide Branch

switch cta, spirit monarch.
or, perhaps, fcr rings <_<
gimme cheese!
Oh darn, sorry at work, didn't realize you are waiting on me. I'll have to fire up my remote desktop. One moment.
No rush, I added you.
Grim, your reward awaits, no rush and you can contact me at anytime, I've added you as a friend to deter someone from claiming your reward with a similair account name.

I'm going to the park with the dog for a few hours, I'll be on later tonight.

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