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mumble server killed my wireless. I had to reboot.
04/27/2013 03:40 AMPosted by novice
In the end we moved to Skype LOL

yeah mumble is too hard
04/27/2013 03:40 AMPosted by novice
In the end we moved to Skype LOL

I left notes on the front page of the post that will help you... all you have to do is go to configure and audio wizard to set up your settings. Next go to settings and set up your key bindings. It's pretty darn easy to set up really. Good luck.
i was on mumble with @Poptartz on a different server last night too, crazy fun (emphasis on CRAZY), i'll join this one today and see how it goes. thanks for the post.
request sticky!
bump for awareness
thanks for the bump boozor, I put the mumble server info in the monk forums and also created a channel in mumble (looking 4 groups)

hopefully we can get the same kind of turn out form the monk's as we did from the wizards =D
bump again
Just installed/configured. Lurking in one of the channels while some of y'all talk shop.
Joined but still can't find my headset
Good times last night! Lookin' forward to running with you guys again!
anybody have a recomendation on a droid mumble app. I installed one but when I tried to join in Friday night I did not hear anyone else in the channel
i went with mumble by lordMarty since it had a more recent release,
disadvantage is that u have to push to talk, but i could hear ppl
Server's still up, none of us got banned... a few account bound items but we're still here.
Bump for awareness!

Join up, invite your friends tonight.
Bump for jwnz.

Mumble is fun/ entertaining/ and easier then typing out bulshat while playing

alright i finally set up and am in...i think, i dont' know if my mic is ultra sensative or what but it looks like it should be alright as long as !@#$ doesn't hit the fan lol.

see you guys in there
Damn...its been awhile since I've been on.

It was alot of fun.

bump for awareness

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