which follower for hardcore demon hunter?

Demon Hunter
got bored with softcore now leveling up my demon hunter on hardcore and would liket to hear opinions on best follower for act 3 inferno farming. thanks for the advice
Kormac with Skycutter is good.
Lyndon with Windforce or Buriza is good.
Eirena with Maximus is good.
Id would probably use Templar for HC. He gives hatred regen and can tank pretty well, so that will take heat off of you.
I like the Templar a lot actually. He charges ahead of me and tanks, but one advantage to using him is that he eats all missiles in front of you as he's running forward, means you can't be group volleyed starting a battle off.

I think this advantage is one that is often overlooked, but his charge also does AREA damage, so if he has a cold weapon, it actually snares the whole group he rushes into. This is a big advantage as well.
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Eirena's forceful push will do the same with a cold weapon. Guess its also personal preferences, wich isn't a bad thing.

hmm didn't realize, but if she's using a Maximus anyhow, she won't have cold damage. She is most preferred with that weapon while Kormac can really get away with any cold damage weapon. I actually like having an Azurewrath on mine. Just don't have one for HC. ;-)
so templar with azurewrath or enchantress with maximus?

and its good to hear from you griever... GRIEVERS GONNA GRIEVE
Consider Skycutter on Kormac, too. Azurewrath isn't the only option.

Also remember to deck your follower out with gear as you would yourself. Like I mean, hit Kormac up with a Stormshield if you find one(or are using the AH).
ok check out my templar guys tell me what i should do to make him better k thx bye #barrenschat
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ok check out my templar guys tell me what i should do to make him better k thx bye #barrenschat

Skycutter + Stormshield
I'm using kormac for follower too in hc, exactly for the reason oscar mentioned.

Also his guardian skill can be extremely useful if you happen to be close to death (dh dont really have any o sht passives like NDE or UA for monks and wizards respectively). also I find the 1 hatred regen from him pointless so guardian is the way to go.

Eirena with Maximus is good.

^ best IMHO. That demon, which procs often, draws aggro like a mofo. With that and a boar pet, mosts mobs forget you are even there. Very handy for disconnect situations.
use the templar
especially with his upcoming regen buff.

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