Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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I bet some of the lvl 44-59 sets of armor looks really cool.

Too bad with a Hellfire ring + Reduced Level requirement weapons, most will probably never wear those items ever.

Transmog plz
Maybe it's because I have grown tired of looking at the highest tier gear but lower tier armor looked better with their more gritty features, leather straps, buckles, etc.

Cloth Tunic
Splint Cuirass
Plate Mail
Stygian Harness
Battle Armor
Astral Mail (most barbaric)
Warlord Plate (awesome)
Doom Armor
Archon Armor

Hard to pick a favorite, most of the gear looks great on Barbarians.
Except for Tyrael's Might, Inna's Temperance and Ice Climbers, ugh...

Just add transmog so we can mix and match however we want to.
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Never seen a set item before and the Legendaries so far have all been crap os I never even tried them on. The ones I bought look mediocre. Why are you asking?


all items are crap. do something about it please.


Would be nice to get something half decent, oh, I don't know, at least every 30 hours or so. Sadly I've played for about 200 and haven't found anything usable. Lol.
The higher my level, the more ridiculous my character started to look, until i became all spines , skulls and/or powder blue.
Plate Mail Armour for Barbs, Single Item... Mempo of Twilight on Male barb.

edit: Different Single Item
Archon (lvl 63) Set for the Barbarian
Sovereign (lvl 62) Set for the Demon Hunter
Cloth Tunic (lvl 1) set for the Monk
Doom (lvl 61) set for the Witch Doctor
Warlord (lvl 60) set for the Wizard
inquisitor armor from dh, although is not a set i guess, but its beautiful.
Storm Crow /w Zuni's.
i just want to say that..

my wizard looks good in lvl 20-30.

Then she looks horrible.

In later levels, the shoulder piece and the wizard hatz are just horrible.
I like Inna's set on the female monk a lot....

but Inna's set on the male monk looks terrible with his bead necklace thing ...
Question, with the coming transmuting (the ability to choose what our gear looks like) will we be able to change the look of legendary & set pieces that don’t have a unique look to them? e.g. Gloves, Chest, Pants & Boots.

Would be awesome to be able to change my Fire Walkers & Immortal Kings Bracers to archon look.

With all that being said & done I like the Archon armour the most all round while.

Wizard-Archon, would change chest & pants
Barbarian-Archon, would change shoulders
Demon Hunter-Whatever one the hood is & Archon boots, pants
Witch Doctor-Doom helm & shoulders
Monk- Gear from normal difficulty & Innas pants
Tyreals might
Gladiator Gauntlets
Depth Diggers
Death Watch Mentle
Giant Skull
Anduriels Visage
Helm Of Command

Many low lvl Legendaries are really cool lookin.
I think Inna's actually looks good...when you have the whole set...on a monk.

My barb with dark cool looking upper body and baby blue pants and booties might disagree though...
Transmogrification does not belong in Diablo. It needs to stay in WoW. That being said, a system that allows a character to add a socket/s to an item that would allow the placement of specific(and completely new and different) gems or stones to add/subtract stats or things that add completely different affixes; e.g. poison damage if wanted, to accomplish the same thing but wold remain in the Diablo world.
Why don't you have a screenshot competition and let us vote on our favorites? Its really hard to get a grasp on what the best ones are without some visual eye candy
Immortal King's Chest + Depth Diggers looks sexy on female monk
This is slightly off topic, but I’m inferring from the OP that you are looking for ideas regarding visual character customization. Ideally, there will be very few characters who look exactly alike and once decked out each character will look like a bad@ss. I do realize I take this visualization stuff a lot more serious than most and some of this may be hard to implement.


Unique items should have unique art, even for chests and gloves. I realize a lot of them do already, but rehashing a normal armor’s art and setting its color as dark blue (Tyrael’s for example) is boring and lazy. Seriously, wearing Tyreal’s armor should give our character his angel wings. Find a theme with each piece of armor and give it a personal touch.


Give us a cool visual effect when we have two or more items in a set. For example, a barbarian with both Bul-Kathos weapons would get a samurai-like banner protruding from his back and two pieces of Immortal Kings would increase his body size by 10% (maybe an extra 10% for each additional piece).

A full set could also give a completely new character skin (obviously, this has been done before). For example, a full set of Inna’s could give your monk hooded robes and still leave the unused slots (gloves, shoulders, boots) for the look of other items.


There are something like 16 tiers of armor and we only end up wearing the last one (archon) for 99.9% of our playtime. Make rares that drop in inferno have tier 16 stats, but randomly roll which armor tier they look like. Also, with the BiS crafting recipes, let us choose which armor tier look we are crafting (not a huge fan of my archon chest, shoulders, or gloves).
The Zunimassa chest amor and boots look awesome on the female wiz.

The Immortal King set fits the Barb perfectly, but I can't find a matching shoulder armor to it.

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