Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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Blackthorne's set makes Barb look like a leather daddy male dancer
04/24/2013 07:05 PMPosted by BluntNut
The inquisitor cloak for the demon hunter!

and Immortal set on DH
Not really an armor set, but I thought Beckon Sail + Natalya's helmet on the male demon hunter looked cool.
I thoroughly enjoy using Inna's set but I cannot stand the look of the chest armor because of the large anal beads surrounding the neckline, HOWEVER, I like Natalya's set and Tal Rasha's look.
Would absolutely love to see additional dye's that give items a visual effect as opposed to a colour.

For example; I dye my archon shoulders red and THEN I use a special dye that gives my shoulders a given visual effect (dripping, glowing, sparking etc.).

The outcome of would look similar to a lot of the effects we see on legendary weapons. This (along with the upcoming legendary colour dye's and a transmogrify option) would result in a huge amount of customization.
OLD Nataly set.
I use vanishing dye on all of my armor so I won't look emo.
If the gear in-game actually resembled its artwork, my list would look like this:

Helm: Blind Faith
Shoulders: Seven Sins
Torso: Chaingmail
Hands: Pendergrasps
Legs: Blackthorne's Jousting Mail
Feet: Ice Climbers
Weapon 1: Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis
Weapon 2: Azurewrath
Shield: Denial
2-hand Weapon: Blade of Prophecy

My problem is that most things look NOTHING like what they game artwork leads you to believe. Most helms and weapons are fine, shoulders are generally close (though sizes are sometimes absurd), but everything else is just a similar color. Or not even similar in the case of Ice Climbers. Or was completely left out, as is the case with almost all the Spirit Stones I've used. My Inna's Radiance looks exactly the same as the first spirit stone I saw drop back on May 15th. Arguably one of the best Monk helms in the game looks IDENTICAL to something that I was ignoring on the ground by the time I was level 10.

Pendergrasps are an awesome-looking claw-mail type piece of artwork. In-game? They're bright blue cloth gloves.
Chaingmail is an evil green piece of mail in the artwork. In-game it's a bright green piece of cloth.
Tasker & Theo have a cool oxidized metal look. In-game they're a Psych Ward Green, and apparently made of cloth and cardboard.
Ice Climbers are...well, Ice Climbers, most know what they look like. And most know what they look like in-game too. They're more similar to a mummy wrap than the heavy, thick-plated blue/black boots you see on the avatar.

These discrepancies obviously aren't game-breaking, but they're...disheartening. Sort of reminds me of Diablo 1, where putting on Arkaine's Valor for the first time did absolutely nothing if your character was already wearing mail. It doesn't break the game, but it's no good for immersion.
Yeah so... since I play self-found.. I don't even know what any of those items look like (not yet at least).. best thing I've found ever, just found recently, was Storm Crow.. never found chest unique yet though.. and I've never found any set items period.. : /


04/24/2013 07:10 PMPosted by Erotica
Who knows since most people haven't tried on at least 75% of legendary items since they aren't viable options.

I miss the days when my monk would rock an Archon Helm and look like an Arabian ninja of some sort. Now she just has a star on her head.

Also, I think the Sinister Mask is by far the coolest wizard head slot.
my favorite armor set is the one called "how about you care/focus on more important things you failure of a dev team".
Whatever the Monk was wearing after I completed the normal game, that nice red/gold colored stuff.
Andariel's is pretty cool. I picked one up for my DH and colored the rest of his gear to make him look like Iron Man...

1. Monk male Inna Set
2. DH fem Natalya Set + Blackthorne
3. DH fem naked - the default no items skin :P

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