Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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"Sigon's Complete Steel" will always be my fav diablo set wardrobe, Sigon's Guard= fav piece, it was just too good for it's time. Only had 1 rare that every compared with it, because of mass def and hit recovery.
There are over a hundred and fifty set items and Legendary armor pieces in Diablo III, and we want to know: In terms of pure aesthetics, what is your favorite armor set in Diablo III?

Leave a comment below to let us know, or head on over to our latest blog and find out more: [url=""][/url]

You already stated it here, 150!!!!!

And what replies do ppl give? like 10 different.. Why? Because thats what usable at lvl 80 of the 150 items. So your only getting feedback from whats usable.

Diablo Item FIX = Make ALL the 150 items drop at lvl 80 With lvl 80 Stats. This WILL make everyone look different and make sure ALL the legendaries can be used.

It takes what 1- 2 days to get to lvl 80. In that time how long do anyone actually wear or use the 1-79 legendaries? Its WASTED PROGRAMMING. For petes sake MAKES ALL LEGENDARIES USABLE AT LVL 80. Its one of the most duable fixes for the game. Im so tired and sick of only Skorn, Eco Fury ,Blackthorn ect Being usable in the game. DIABLO 3 Is and ENDGAME, so make all legendaries usable in the endgame.

I dont suspect anyone will care what im writing here, nevertheless This would be a WIN WIN fix. Gl
Zuni's for sure
BT Legs + Nats boots + female wiz = win
Nat Embrace on my DH, it really enhances her cleavage.
Here we go, thats the topic that i have TONS of interest in, since my job is based on art and aesthetics.

I will try to post a few of my favorites for each class, and tell a little bit about why i like them the most.


Cloth Tunic
. Feels great, brave heart, just give me the feel of a barbarian. Perfect.

Splint Cuirass. Looks menacing, it is a full armor, but it isnt dumb. Looks like something that could actually exists. It isnt exagerated.

Demon Hunter:

Leather Doublet. In Demon Hunters, what i like most is those armours that give you the feeling that you are quick. and the hoodies. I dislike those that are actual armors, like Chain Mail, for instance.

Splint Cuirass, Plate Mail and Jazeraint Mail, for the reasons above.


Monks are my least favorite classes, design wise, When i play them, i usually dye everything invisible but the pants, gloves and boots. But as most of the other classes, i find the earlier armor sets better, such as Leather Doublet and Splint Cuirass

Witch Doctor:

Cloth Tunic. It feels like something a witch doctor should use. simple, and easy to 'build'. I love body paintings all around.

Bonewave Hauberk. Sweet, looking like the big chief!

In Witch Doctors, it is easier to tell the sets i dislike, and those are that have too much armor on it, like Archon Armor, the head gear on it is AMAZING, couldnt be any better, i think, but whats left, just aint something a WD should wear. They are no warriors.


I think Wizards have the best all around set armors. They are all okay, maybie a bit too repetitive, but they are good, cant point out a bad one.

Since this is a feedback thread, i think i should also give mine on the bad set designs, overall. Here we go:


Archon armor, Sovereign Mail, Warlord Plate, Balor Armor, Bonewave Hauberk. Those are just too exagerated, and maybie even too fancy, Barbarians should wear hags, cloths with heavy metal plates. You guys should really stay on the barbarian's concept art kind of armors.

Demon Hunter

Battle Armor, Balor Armor, Warlord Plate, Doom Armor, Archon Armor. These feel too slow and heavy.


Archon Armor, Warlord Plate, Bonewave Hauberk. There are a lot of bad designs here, but these are just too bad in my opinion. Seems too obvious to me, but i cant really explain. (look at that archon shoulder, lol)

Witch Doctor

There aint really any awful one, but Etched Jacket, Battle Armor and all but the headgear from [i]Archon Armor[/b] is my least favorite.


Not really much i can say here, Wizards sets are cool. They have a good progression, without stepping out too much. Good job Blizz!
I love the way Tal Rasha's set looks...even if it sucks. This isn't an armor set item, but Visage of Giyua is really freaking awesome looking.
The sets I like are "none" because I don't have the money to buy the good ones at the auction house and any that drop has such low crappy numbers that they are useless.
04/26/2013 10:17 AMPosted by charliedog
The sets I like are "none" because I don't have the money to buy the good ones at the auction house and any that drop has such low crappy numbers that they are useless.

Yay for completely misunderstanding the question.
04/25/2013 08:47 PMPosted by Vourak
Transmogrification does not belong in Diablo. It needs to stay in WoW. That being said, a system that allows a character to add a socket/s to an item that would allow the placement of specific(and completely new and different) gems or stones to add/subtract stats or things that add completely different affixes; e.g. poison damage if wanted, to accomplish the same thing but wold remain in the Diablo world.

That doesn't accomplish the same thing at all, not to mention skin swaps predates WoW by quite a while.

Do you even actually know what transmogrification is?
Best Helmet - Immortal King's
Best Shoulders - Vile Ward
Best 2h Weapon - Probably Gavel of Judgement or Flying Dragon
Best Shield: Hallowed Defender

Best 1h weapon is Sickle (Why are there no high level Sickles?)
I Love the look of becon sail on the demon hunter with natalya's sight,depth diggers and natalya's footprints. with a pair of seven sins, Calamity and deadman's
Wizard, Male, Blackthorne's
Blackthornes chest on female wizard is sexy as hell.

ima turn this thread the other way....ugliest items on char.

innas pants on any non monk class.

Iceclimbers on the barbarian.

mempo....enough said

Blasphemy! I love my Barbarian's Ice Climbers. They're the only piece of her gear I haven't dyed invisible. I call 'em my monster stompin' boots :D

But yeah...Mempos are ugly as hell. And why do they still have moustaches when you put one on a female character? Isn't that kind of like a male character wearing a shirt with a plunging neckline?
There are over a hundred and fifty set items and Legendary armor pieces in Diablo III, and we want to know: In terms of pure aesthetics, what is your favorite armor set in Diablo III?

Leave a comment below to let us know, or head on over to our latest blog and find out more: [url=""][/url]

Considering stash size and the fact I don't buy or trade my gear, I find this question impossible to answer at this time.
This looks to be something meant exclusively for people who do things other than find their own gear.
inna set looks nice,

Shenlong fist are the most epic tho
As far as basic armour sets:

Barb - Boneweave Hauberk
DH - Battle Armour
Monk - Balor Armour
WD - Etched Jacket
Wiz - Astral Mail

As seen in this image:
I have to say this now... I DO NOT... want to see transmogrification in this game.... I realize people wish to customize their stuff and it offers a gold and gear sink... but damnit, what makes the game great is that everyone looks different... I think that each persons gear set tells a tale about them that will totally go out the window if this is implemented...

Certainly make ALL legendaries viable... and make them look neat... but for the love of God, no TRANSMOG!
VAE... clearly, to make this question even relevant, you will have to implement a DRESSING ROOM in one of the game guides that you can use with ALL character classes... people can literally try on every set and combo and decide what they like... I've played hundreds of hours and I still can't tell you EXACTLY what I think are the best pieces in the game aesthetically... not to mention I've only played one gender the entire time.

Hell, even add a voting mechanic that can be used on pieces... the pieces with the most votes will win the "looks" contest and you can start your artists to work on pieces similar in aesthetic to those highest voted.

In the meantime, have your guys use placeholder models until the votes come in.. but don't push anything back for this feature...

Heck, just make a developer blog that has a voting system in it for each armor set... don't describe the armor, just give a name off to the side and let people vote.... allow for people to vote on as many as they want... at the end of the day, the ones with the highest votes will win... Please provide pictures of both male and female models and every class with said armor/weapons on... also, cram as MUCH in each picture as you can... there is no reason to do 1 pic per armor piece... I think we can all decide what we like by looking at the pictures and voting for that "slot"...

Remember, we need to be able to vote for single units, NOT JUST SETS...
the zuni set but i wish i could dye it...i want it to be neon green

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