Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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Best set ever
Barbarian = Warlord ilvl60
Demon Hunter = Sovereign ilvl62 (except shoulders)
Monk = Jazeraint ilvl43
Witch Doctor = Sovereign ilvl62 (with another color)
Wizard = Astral ilvl58

I only like Natalya Armor for legendaries.
for the demon hunter, i guess these items?
The Immortal Kings from D2. Especially the helmet. The IK Helm in D3 just looks stupid. Also no golden aura with full set. shame on you.

for existing armors the zuni sett looks really cool on the mage. on the barb it looks like the IK but in white. so much for the difficulty of dyeing legendarys.

cant wait to transmog my skorn into black like IK or IK into blood red XD

also BUFF all stats on legendaries by 15-20% for next patch =] make them moar legendary dammit
The Grin Reaper hands down!

I have the zuni set and zuni helm, but just can't seem to roll without the Reaper! I love the proc effect.
Wizard - Splint Cuirass, Etched Jacket, Brigandine Coat,
Demon Hunter - Splint Cuirass, Jazeraint Mail, Battle Armor

Monk - Brigandine Coat
Witch Doctor - Jazeraint Mail

I viewed all the images:
But can't seem to find an armor what i really like for the barbarian. But if i have to choose i would say: Barbarian - Leather Doublet

I like simpler armors without spikes, most of the armors have too much decoration, i like more the realistic and simpler ones.

Legendary and Set Armors, i don't know, i only got Cindercoat so far. :Đ
All armor sets are pretty much amazing, i would love to be able to change my hero aspect for any set armor of ANY level without changing the properties of the items i have equiped. But if i could change the aspect of the items i have equiped i would probably try and change for other legendary types. My example for the head part only:

- Quetzalcoatl for WD, no love for low lvl legendaries? :D ;
- Mad Stone for Monk;
- Dark Mage's Shade for Wizard, classic wizard style anyone?
- Sovereign Helm for DH;
- The Helm of Command for Barb;

And this is just the head part... who knows what i would want for other parts aesthetically speaking. Some kind of legendary dye that could be taken when destroying a legendary item on the forge that could change the aspect of the item you have equiped to the one destroyed would be extremely interesting.
I'd rather tell you what I dislike since that's easier.

Vile Ward - This looks like a gaudy Dragonball Z reject on just about everyone. Sorry.

Razorspikes - They look so goofy. You just have these spikes coming out of your arms. Come on.
Monk - Archon boots (Greaves). PLEASE make these boots craftable. (And please make the archon shoulders look sexier for monks)
There are over a hundred and fifty set items and Legendary armor pieces in Diablo III, and we want to know: In terms of pure aesthetics, what is your favorite armor set in Diablo III?

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To be honest with you ...

Aesthetics in Diablo 3 could have been x10 better , armor or weapon like. They not feeling unique enough nor badass.
The red hood and red scarf for female DH
Female DH:
- Mempo, maybe abyssal sovereign hoodie.
- Sovereign set, maybe archon shoulders and dread cloak, all painted with abyssal.

Male barb:
- Love the chain( tier 4 ) set, boots replaced with one of the bear claw types.
- Archon looks great, only gripe is the skirt thingie being a bit too wide for my taste.
- Like the IK armor and helm.

Female wizard:
- Journey mask, spear and heater shield with assorted normal act2 gear(mostly tier 3 and 6): loved the desert mage look but had to give it up after a few levels.

Male WD:
- No real favorite, all wd sets contain some nice pieces. WDs can pull off all sorts of oddball looks with their background, the things that'd feel out of place for others fit them great.

Male monk:
- The base model and the voice are very nice, but I couldn't name a single piece of armor that I like on the monks.
DH - Nat's embrace, Doom armor
Monks clothes look horrible in general, like the blackthorne chest + pants on female monk tho
WD - zuni armor is cool..
Barb - Sovereign Mail...

Items - Vile wards>>>seven sins>> everything else soulders related (too bad crafting took them out)
Boots... most of the boots look meh
Gloves, Im cool with most of the gloves
inna's temp on DH is nice, other classes less...
Immortal King Set
The Inquisitor

I think we can all agree that Vile Ward is pretty vile looking however.
Nat's on a Demon Hunter. Love it.
This one is my favourite:

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