Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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tal rasha's chest armor on monk (male)
Immortal King's set actually looks really badass on a Demon Hunter. Too bad it's useless.

If there was a character in the game that would allow you to transfer the aesthetic aspects of one piece of armor to another piece of armor... and maybe even make that re-skinned piece of armor bind on account... I'd do it.
I don't have a particular piece of gear that I find The most aesthetically pleasing, however I do find some of the "Tiers" from each chars progression beautiful and if some sort of gear customization system would be introduced this would've been the Tiers I'd end up using, or changing between them*:
*(I.E. some sort of transmog option like it was implemented in WoW)

.Demon Hunter Tiers: 6 and 7.
.Wizard Tiers: 13, 15 and 18.
.Monk Tiers: 17 and 18.
.Witch Doctor Tiers: 14, 15, 16 and 17 (all without helmets).
.Babarian Tiers: 1,5,6,10 (Kilt/skirt only), 11 and 14.

I get that you guys designed gear with a different approach from D1 and D2 - both had sets that looked more "real" or possible to done - not that I don't enjoy how you built D3 visually, because I did. I find it very pleasing graphically and aesthetically, but I do have one thing that botters me greatly:

Why in the whole world would you change how I.K. helm looks? Seriously!!!! I mean, at first I hated the new visual of the item, but now I come to terms with it. But how it looked back in D2.....
It would've been so great to see something that had a resemblance to it. And why not making it a full helmet?????????? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Don't change what it doesn't need to be change!!!!! Okay then...... /end rant.

Could we please, in the future, get a helmet, that has a visage that resembles I.K. Will and Arreat's Face?
Bul-Kathos Weapon set!! I can't replace it on looks alone!
The early level legendary and set items never drop because of low MF in start and most of their stats are just plain bad so not even worth buying them in AH. So all those go to waste, and never see how they look in game.
Zunimassa's Vision....and Visage of Giyua for legendaries.

The main problem with the legendary armor sets is, outside of the Headpiece the armor itself is just a reskinned version of the tier 13 warlord set.

Legendary sets should have their own unique appearance.

Regular sets...
Monk- Tier 14 Doom
DH- Tier 14 Doom....Hellscape Mask is amazing
Barb- Tier 13 Warlord
Wizard- Tier 16 Archon
Witch Doctor- Tier 14 Doom....Same as DH, hellscape mask is downright spooky, with thrashing tentacles.

Any chance for Transmogrification in the near future?
Nat set looks very elegant, chest piece seems a smoking suit to me, its like killing with class.

Wiz has some elegant variations too, not sure what that is.
Zuni set on a female Wizard. Dex roll Zuni set on a female DH. Classy and sexy.

Edit: I can't help but bring this up every time there's a thread about gear aesthetics.

Zunimassas (If you can make it match with other items)

  • Denial - Everything about this shield looks sick.
  • Hallowed Defender
  • Dark Mage's Shade - This is my favorite hat-type on Wizard, classic wizard look and I'm hoping for a stat boost for it, or another legendary with this graphic.
  • The Collectors Edition Wings - Not armour, I know.
I love the look of Vile Ward shoulders, i want some IRL.
Visage of Giyua is awesome looking.
Oh and Skorn is an amazing looking weapon.
I love the look of Vile Ward shoulders, i want some IRL.
Visage of Giyua is awesome looking.
Oh and Skorn is an amazing looking weapon.

Skorn is sick looking. Spectrum is probably my favorite looking weapon, you can dual-wield if you have a legacy version, and double rainbows are amazing....*sniff*...WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
for armor :

1.barb lvl 63 archon armor
2.VILE WARDS pauldrons.

for weapons (you NEED to do this for weapons aswell. not only armor please. ):

1. azurewarth (really wanna dw this thing without gimping myself)
2. skycutter
3. devils tounge
Vile Ward, Visage of Giyua, Zuni Chest Armor, and The Crudest Boots on a Female Wiz
All rare wizard helms and wizard hats (except storm crow) are the worst looking pieces in the game.

For comparison - all WD helms and WD masks are the best looking ones.
I love the Vile Wards. They're so huge and mean-looking !
Barb in Full Boneweave
Monk in Plate Mail
DH in Sovereign Mail
Wiz in Warlord Plate
WD in Doom, Balor, or Plate

As for legendaries I really hate how mempo looks and I hate how vile wards loook on my monk....

I like how the sheild "Denial" looks, its massive, has a cool graphic and has no good stats on it LOL
I also like the Fist of Az'turaq for a weapon, cuz the monk actually uses this one :P
None. I vanish dye most of the equipment I can.
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There are over a hundred and fifty set items and Legendary armor pieces in Diablo III

95% of them are not being useful AT ALL by any means or in any situation nor build (you started to bring these numbers)

I like how Blackthorne's set looks.

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