Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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There are over a hundred and fifty set items and Legendary armor pieces in Diablo III, and we want to know: In terms of pure aesthetics, what is your favorite armor set in Diablo III?

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Never seen a set item before and the Legendaries so far have all been crap os I never even tried them on. The ones I bought look mediocre. Why are you asking?
I can say this the chant set looks terrible and so does Storm Crow. I want my wiz to look BA not like a kid with a big sucker. I like the look Devil Tongue, Sever, Tasker, Zuni Chest, IK chest, Mempo, Andy's, Tal Helm, Occulus, Tal Gaze, Triumverate, Thing of the Deep, Manajuma's, Skorn, the desolater wands.
Natty's Boots on female DH hands down the hottest, combined with vanishing dye pants

Dawn looks like a sex-toy or something

Almost all of the mojo's for WDs are cool. Homunculus paired with a Visage of Giyua is awesome. Uhkapian serpent is cool also.

I really dislike the IK helm and barbs boots. They look like elephant feet

Mempo on a Barb is really menacing looking.

Female wiz probably looks best fully geared. Male wiz looks dorky

Monks - meh. Pretty sad beginning to end
Blackthorne's is a really great looking set on most/all the classes, Part of the reason for this is it's neutral colors, allowing it to match with anything.
Honestly I my Witch Doctor has been wearing the Zumi set for so long that I don't even remember what the other ones look like.

So . . . .

Witch Doctor Set.
Will let you know when I've found them all and can make an informed comparison.
I play a barbarian, and I've always favored the early-to-mid-game leather and studded armors for him. They fit with the Diablo 3 lore much better than the late-game rare armors, which look like some out of X-Men From Space or something, especially the archon set!

My favorite end-game set by appearance is the Blackthorne set. I think it's truest to the lore.

My least favorite item (by appearance) is the Darth Vader helm (Mempo.) Who on earth (or Sanctuary) decided that was appropriate for Diablo 3?! ROFLMAO. I was overjoyed when I could hide it with disappearing dye in 1.07!

Green? For wizards, Tal Rasha's, but unfortunately it's not good for how I play and I'm stuck with the set I hate the looks of the most on wizards, Zuni's. I'd make it invisible, but that looks worse :(

DH's Nat's look pretty cool on them, except the hat.

Wizard Archon armor looks good on male wizards, Tier 11 is my favorite on females.

I don't have a favorite Barbarian set, they all look nice to me.

Tier 5 or tier 15 on demon hunters.

Tier 13 on male monks and tier 9 on female monks.

Tier 10 witch doctor armor looks pretty sweet.
i'm a huge fan of my Tal Rasha's on my female wiz.

I cannot stand inna's on my monk. That baby blue is just not cool.
I think all of the helms should actually be helms, and not masquerade masks.

Why does my barbarian have a Velcro strap on the back of his head?
WD's Zuni set is almost perfect. All the individual items are pretty good (not usually godly) ; but the set bonus makes things worth it.

Manajuma's set bonus is 'ok'... Wish they added pants here in addition to the mojo and knife (pants being one major item not included in the WD sets....)
04/25/2013 04:18 PMPosted by emm0n5
Why does my barbarian have a Velcro strap on the back of his head?

Now this made me LOL... I agree... do we really need a mask?
Cain set + leoric ring + hellfire ring :D
I think that although the demonic look of the horns on Archon (Barbarian) and Vile Wards (good size etc) are great, I'd love to see more silver armor/ chainmail / Templar Coats / Knight helmets similar to the (Dawnguard Helm) in the Skyrim DLC... I know you all have seen it. This is high fantasy and it needs to get back to it's medieval roots.

Well said, D3 needs an armor set reminiscent of the Pally in Guardian Angel armor.

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