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Within the last week I have been getting massive lag and stuttering spikes while playing. I'm starting to see other threads pop up about this issue as well. So I see I'm not alone.

When I been really getting hammered with these issues while in game. I'm doing the following.

1. First joining the game I created.

2. Using Wave Points

3. Getting into big groups of monsters, with elites spamming. ( Lag was never there before. Yes my computer is powerful enough to handle Diablo 3, heck I had no problem with the lastest Crysis game.)

4. Sometimes I get hit hard with the pop up boxes, killing bonus, objects and even quest.

5. Going through a portal going back to town is really bad!

I have ran a tracert and I everything looks perfectly fine. My average connection WHILE in game is usually around 85 to 105ms.

Here lately I have been getting spikes all the way up and over 2000ms.

Suggestions/ Solutions?
So all of us that are experiencing these horrendous lag spikes and stuttering just going to get ignored over here? I have been running the game for almost a year now perfectly fine and all of a sudden I'm ( and a lot of other people ) started getting these spikes. Some type of feedback would be nice, or acknowledge that you guys are looking into it.

I'm getting tired of making a game and going to a wave point. Then moving 3 feet, then get stutter stutter stutter " You have died " lag and more stuttering.
Maintenance seemed to fix this issue for me.
Its worse for me right now.
Agreed. As fart as I remember this lag issue is due to people logging into the Battle Net servers. Still an issue after all this time.
Well it was short lived. I'm getting hammered with the stuttering and lag again. Everything worked fine the last 2 days!
Well I ended up doing a pathping that blizzard has for us. Low and behold one of my nodes is giving me 100% packetloss. Which would explain the insane stuttering. So I guess I'm pretty much screwed, unless I can get a hold of the node provider. Which I'm not even a client of.

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