Gear Help (breaking 300k w/ calamity)

Demon Hunter
So I'm having a hard time REALLY seeing how, with the current build I'm using (and passives), I can surpass my goal of 300k. I REALLY don't want to use 2os Manticore.

Anyone, through just a cursory glance, have any suggestions? Maybe a different focus on my itemization? Perhaps a "less than satisfactory" piece of gear I can swap out? Any help would be fantastic.

Also, just a quick question. With my current gear and build, would Guardian Turret be better over Spitfire overall? What's the upcoming buff to sentry increases the damage too for spitfire?

Thanks in advance,

- Sele
Check out my current build for ideas. I'm using a Manticore but the current overall DPS is roughly the same as yours. With a few gear swaps I can hit 330k.

I think you just need more dex. Save up those demonic essences and craft up some bracers! You've already got max movement speed so I don't think the Lacunis are essential.

P.S. that is a sick Calamity ... if I had that I probably wouldn't even bother with my Manticore :)
take a look at my setup

think on dprogress I'm 315k DPS with what I have on.

with calamity ... you gain a lot of good benefit from avg-dmg ..... take a look-see at my nat ring

I'd replace the boots with pure dex (ie 250dex+ boots) for a nice dex boost

Avg dmg on your rings helps alot. A 50+ avg dmg rare with 45+ cd 5cc+ and high dex would probably give you more dps than your trifecta. Also a decently crafted bracer would easily beat your low dex lacunis in dps probably too.
Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate it :)
You can take a look at my profile

361k with just archery, diablo progress has me at 320k unbuffed
Calamity works well with elemental dmg gear.

I had a 150/8/35 witching hour but beat it by about 7k dps with an innas favor,
8% holy, 180dex and the 130 dex bonus with the pants.

I also gave up my 245dex footprints and the 130 set bonus for some 199 dex 8% poison Zuni trails.
Kept the footprints around for use with a sight when I want the disc bonus,
but overall you might consider those two pieces for the 16% dmg bonus.

Couple threads on black damage weapons and innas vs witching floating around, try a search.

I'm n a more tanky build now, but my calamity (glass cannon) build hits 420k with steady aim and crits at 740k.

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