Rate The Monk Above You. Version I Don't Even

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Didn't see a new one so I figured I would start it off right!

you so pro. lol jk

Plenty of changes over the last few weeks and now rockin solid EHP and DPS. Interesting choice to stick with Inna's Favor with AR/Armor to get that Dex bonus. Will definitely give WH a run for the money and so much cheaper for that AR slot.

Continue to craft a bit more to maximize the potential of each slot.


EDIT: @Ghost - So close to 200K I know you can almost tough it! Few more plvls and youre set!

EDIT 2: @Deeshay - While using LS and NDE I am able to run any zone no problem with current setup. I can bump my Life up to 42K+ if need be but I would go down to about 202-223K DPS depending on the pieces. Running MP10, group or solo, my setup is sufficient =)

Jealous of that build getting all that DPS without resorting to an EF... That's a heck of a hellfire too..

EDIT: Just noticed the low life.. curious how this effects your play when it comes to fanatics and molten etc...

@deeshay Looking good dude only thing I would get rid of is that pesky EF ;). Also some nice crafts in there.
@ Blizzz. very solid monk 9/10. I guess all you can do now is continue to improve the gear you have, if you can find some a little stronger.

Really top gear monk = expensive monk

If I were you, I would get a sword (shadow breaker), -----------> 9.5/10

Nice build. Good to see a monk not running EF like I am. Also, your amulet is disgusting. I have been avoiding buying a Witching Hour and a Mempo, but suppose it will be my only option to greatly increase my DPS.

I rate your Monk at 9.2/10.

Well done.


Very nice. High DPS with a decent life pool and nice life on hit to boot. Lowish life steal, but the LoH probably makes up for it. You have some areas where you could squeeze some extra stats in if you wanted to (helm, chest), but overall a very solid build getting bang for your buck.

I'd say 9.3/10
@LnPDelphius - Nice sword. I would keep on rolling bracers to get some AR. Maybe look for some AR on your chest and belt too. Are you keeping Innas just for less startup costs on sweeping winds? You dont appear to be tempest rushing and your innas helm wouldnt work anyways. Id consider a mempo there and witching hour for belt.

You are definitely progressing up the DPS ramp! 8/10 Keep trucking!
@Thangdor - A curious build. Very high damage. Is this a COTA build? It definitely cannot sustain tempest rush. so you must be using it to just move quickly. Perhaps Scorpions. Some great gear. You could probably replace that Innas with a Mempo for some big damage gains. Although that would force you to pick up an innas chest which could get pricey to get comparable stats... course getting a mempo isnt cheap either. 9/10

Nice TR!! you're doing well! keep it up! I dont know a whole lot about TR, but maybe get some more dex on your boots? I paid 14.5m for mine, have 250m dex on them, auctions ftw. You can do it! and upgrade your gems homeboy! !@#$s ghetto as hell haha, that should net you a few thousand dmg as well!

Monk not my main character but looking pretty solid to me 8.5/10.

P.S. Mine is a work in progress. Any helpful criticism is appreciated. TIA.

Not a bad start you need to get some dex gloves and amulet and new pants, some better gems and it would be alot better

@Thangdor - Is this a COTA build?

Bingo! :-) I tried scorpion runs and they're not for me. I actually like this build for key farming as well. TR doubles as a quick way to get around and a guaranteed (minus rubberband) way to get out of an area quickly if Serenity is on cooldown. For me it's worth switching it for Blazing Wrath or something similar.

edit: Next person do labrat1317 please.
@ Labrat nice DPS and HP, cant really say too much maybe try to increase you resistance, you got some nice pieces, the easiest thing to do would be upgrade your gems for some more dps 8.5/10

Solid Monk,
Nice balance, obvious knowledge of gearing. I know the HF XP bonus is nice, but a rare with some Average Damage as well as standard CC/CD would be nice, especially if you find some Vit (Change Ammy gem) or more Resist on it. I love that you do not have an Echo. Not sure why you have GP passive with DW, might try Combo for the 8% Bonus.

Excellent Monk!
Happy Hunting
-Carrig O’Dailach

Edit - THANK YOU!! to the guys who rated me below. I was unaware that I switched my boots somehow with my DH. Likely did that 2 weeks ago and did not notice.
@dailach I give you a 8.5/10...very solid main hand sword and I was digging the nats ring. Upgrades I would focus on is more Dexterity on nat's boots and I would focus on crafting amulets since the DPS improvement there could be drastic! Potentially 200+ dex and 40+ crit damage and possible EHP improvements if you get lucky with the amulet crafts.

Edit: I'm not a fan of the echoing fury because of the fear mechanic but you have a really nice one! I actually think your score is closer to 9 to 9.5!

Solid Monk,
Nice balance, obvious knowledge of gearing. Keep crafting those bracers until you get lucky and hit the Cold Resist variant. I know the HF XP bonus is nice, but a rare with some Average Damage as well as standard CC/CD would be nice, especially if you find some Vit (Change Ammy gem) or more Resist on it. I love that you do not have an Echo.

Excellent Monk!
Happy Hunting
-Carrig O’Dailach

Very solid Monk Del, great dps and obvious gear choices, you know what you're doing.

All I can see right off the top is get a Nats Boots with 200+ Dex, and try for a trifecta rings, it's tough and very nitpick but they will increase your EDPS for sure.



Very well done. Only minor upgrades for you at this point... Obviously your bracer CC and AR rolls are lower than desirable, good luck on continued crafting! Also quick health upgrades could be gained via your nats and inna's pants. Then, when you gain the patience...go after those trifecta glove/amulet rolls
Need more resistance and hit points. 5/10


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