Rate The Monk Above You. Version I Don't Even

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My advice work on crafting bracers first (should eventually be able to get similar to yours but with 200+dex) then work on crafting gloves (go for a nice bifectra with the high dex will give more dps than yours or of course a tri)

Maybe think about switching to cold resis Nats boots , nats ring and inna pants (I would hate the no move bonus you have but immediately move bonus means less after the exp buff at high MP in MP7)
Hitting a wall..... Looking to reach 300k dps without losing any EHP

probably just need a little improvement on your gloves and ammy, but those are hard to replace. also you could use a 5-6 crit mempo for your helm if you can afford it. all in all, awesome monk.


Nice job hitting 200k with shenlong set. Solid pieces overall just need to craft/find versions with better stats. Upgrade gems in your weapons. Try for a higher vit on your pants so you can replace the vit gem. Nat ring could be upgraded with crit chance/damage for a nice boost. Mempo with crit if you can afford it. Great job on your monk.

I'm still really unsure about monks right now so I can't really rate another monks.
I think you can rate my monk. It's pretty good :)
@ Olette you never know until you try

you are better off switching res and vit on your pants and boots, much cheaper more effcient,,

not liking you mainhand.
1 too slow (my taste is for fast fast fast)
2 magic damage (think this is blizzards fault more than yours tbh) get black weapon. besides the lightning bonus on WKL doesnt apply to magic dps
3 too much crit not enough damage.. (just being harsh)

hellfire rings and ruby gems are obsolete now. bulk up and go higher mp. more xp more loot more fun :D

i think until you craft a really good ammy use a bough one with tailered stats get CD on it!! up to 100 on slot. ratehr stat the ias on gloves and get the cd on amulet.

wave of light is pretty wasted on your build. your weapons are really not suited to the skill.. try cyclone strike to bunch mobs and the small aoe on foT will kill faster..

so i give you 4.5/10

if you are gonna stick with duel wield look for average damage ias cc rings going forward..

@ CVIL you need more dps..
@ Junior

I donno if your profile is showing up incorrectly, but your armor is awfully low with STi. it's probably glitched.
Besides that I noticed 2 other problems:
EF missing socket, missing too much crit damage.
Dex is kinda low. dex is completely missing on place like amulet and ring.

yea its glitched and that is not my dps either,,

btw i paid 50m for amulet.. wont get this much dps near that price

$%*@ you have more cash than me but nice.


Edit: your to elite so 5/10


I have cash but I don't know whether I have more cash than u. You were totally misunderstanding to me. I didn't spend any penny and real money on this game since the game release last year May. All my gears were upgraded from selling self-found gears. You have many rooms to improve your gears! Keep up! (4.5/10)

Real nice. The only thing i could see is all resist is a bit low.
Hey, you guys skipped me =(.

Real nice. The only thing i could see is all resist is a bit low.

These gears are sitting at 522 resistant. I have other bracers pump up resist to 577 and 612, but those gears make my unbuffed dps lower to 263k with 46k hp and 263k with 45k hp respectively. I will base on different circumstance to swap other bracers.

You have high resist and HP pool, but low dps. it would decrease your killing efficient at higher MP level. If you want to increase your dps, you must scarify some of EHP definitely. One day you will know what I said. (7/10)

Your nats ring... is really similar to mine. I like your glove very much, sweet! Very good balance monk, but cd bit low cos your free of CD EF. your rare ring is lack of dmg (xx-xx), otherwise you have better dps. (8/10)

Your monk looks really good IMO (newb here :) ) the only advice i can give you is probably get another ring and chest peice. 9/10.

Ne advice for me??
@RyWal21....craft up some bracers. look into a Witching Hour and Mempo to replace your current belt and helm. Eventually you will need to replace the ShenLong Fists. Look into a couple of weapons with LS, as dual LS helps keep you in the fight at the highest MP levels. You still have a ways to go, but you have a good start.
@turnkey1970..... 9/10, reminds me of my monk when i throw my LS EF on. good dps. good ehp.
@smokymkpot 9.5/10

I like your ammy ;) Your bracers can do better than that. Keep crafting my friend
I'm not very adept at rating other monks since I'm kind of new so I do apologize to the one above me, though I upgraded some pieces I'd like to know how others think of it.

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