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10/10, in a very good way. My very first post, but I am always lurking incognito here. Maybe a noob observation but I saw that your resist is kinda all the place and since you are not using OWE, I am not sure how your survivability is like.

I am a strong proponent of survivability over dps, as I can't dps if I am dead. That's why I think maybe I stress too much on LoH, LS and life regen so much that I kinda gimp my dps :(.

Edit: thnx Smoky for the response. I could only farm up to mp7 and have not tried any higher. Furthermore, I don't dare to try upgrade my dps for fear of losing survivability, plus the monk items are beyond ridiculous on AH not help by RNG.

Also change the rating as promised.
Forgot to add, very very nice gears indeed. I would, if I can afford them or lucky enough. If you can respond on how your survivability is like, I will definitely rate you 10/10
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@ trigan,
i have survivability, i dont rlly die. the amount of dmg done regains so much health. i have another LS echo that im unbuffed at 320k dps.

your not at a high dps lvl to have the amount of survivability that im tlking about. when you buff at 1mil + the LS you get back is great
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@smokymkpot - What a n00b. -3/10 for survivability. ;)

LOL. In all seriousness, he has no problem. I've seen him giggle at a pack of MP10 maniacs.
@smoky, your resistance is awful low, other than that great Monk. 9/10

@Joey, your overall ehp could do with a boost. Other than that looks good. 7.5/10

@Secoya, surely cookie cutter is the standard that everybody else is following. The fact I'm an S&B Monk means I'm not doing what 95% people are doing - exactly opposite to a cookie cutter standard.

I was referring to the ol' Blinding Flash/Faith in the Light Breath of Heaven/Blazing wrath cookie cutter build. People worry too much about paper dps IMO. EDPS is my concern, there are better ways to get that than cookie cutter spec. The added ability of being more in control of ones environment is not only fun, but strategic.

I recommended dual wield over S&B because it would be an upgrade to both survivability and DPS potential. Whether that's cookie cutter or not wasn't a concern of mine. Only EDPS.

@Secoya, the Blinding Flash/Faith in the Light Breath of Heaven/Blazing wrath build was generally used to snapshot sweeping wind. That was nerfed. I actually use that combo now because it works well for me. It has nothing to do with paper dps. If paper dps was my only concern, I would dual wield.

Also I'd be surprised if forgoing my shield would help my survivability.

By the way, I appreciate the input. I believe this is what this thread should primarily be about.

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please rate me
loving ur dps. wish i could have that sword aswell.. mine is so amateur
Joey... first thing is to upgrade all the gems as soon as you can. Makes a huge difference.

Raise your critical hit and you need alot more crit damage. Try and ultimately get life up to 50k for better survivability.

8/10 still work to be done :p
@AreoHotah I can't see your profile at all.....

9/10 - Not much I can say in terms of advice...Just need to work toward those Trifecta craftables and save up for a really expensive >4 crit Mempo.

Please note for my rater - I seem to have forgotten to re-equip my LS EF. It's 968 dps, 162 Dex, 2.9% LS, OS (with 90% emerald)

Solid mid tier monk. Even with the EF and LS you will need to up your AR a bit with the DPS you are putting out. A few more crafts and/or an upgrade or 2 will make a big difference when synergizing with your current gear.


EDIT: My DPS seems to be off. D3up has correct DPS amount with same gear....I wonder what is not being counted in Armory profile.

Very interesting gear with really niced rolled items, in my opinion i would change shenlong fist ll for socket but anyways very good gear

Monk is empty. Nothing to rate...
u have to press Europe :)
Cant really rate the monk above me, but if someone would be nice enough to help me figure out how the hell to gear my monk that would be great. Have 300m but would like to keep the cost below 100m if I can. Just came back to this toon and don't really know what I am doing with him
05/07/2013 10:41 AMPosted by Crypter
@AreoHotah I can't see your profile at all.....

sorry forgot to mention, its on eu :P

Lots of tweaking you can do. Align a single resis to take advantage of owe. Shoot for at least 35k life. You may want to get nats boots and ring, it give a nice boost. Personally I think 24% movement speed is enough so you could drop the lacuni and craft something better. Craft better gems too.

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