Why all of a sudden are gold spammers back?

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I went a good 2 months without getting any friend invites from gold sellers. Now in the last 2 days I have gotten so many I stopped reporting them all. Im getting 25+ a day. Can Blizzard IP ban China already?
China is a HUGE legit playerbase for Battle.net

The gold spammers are here because the economy sucks and the only good way to make money in Diablo 3 is auction house farming.

The loot drop rate has been nerfed so you have to use the auction house.

You have what a 1% or something chance legendary will drop, and a .00005% chance those legendaries are not utter garbage so you HAVE to use the auction house.

A decent lvl 60 piece of gear costs 20million.

It would take you, playing LEGIT without the auction house, weeks or months to get that much.

People are purposely running up the prices of the gold auction house to FORCE you to use the pay auction house or go 3rd party.
Blizzard successfully had both Glider and Piroxbots shut down legally. Why cant they do the same for gold sellers?

This is from the court's ruling on Glider
In July 2008, the court entered summary judgment holding MDY Industries liable for tortious interference and copyright infringement, based, in part, upon the legal premise that users of the World of Warcraft client software are licensees rather than owners of their copy of software.

How is gold selling not tortious interference especially since they are preventing honest players from selling gold on the RMAH?
I haven't noticed a single break in their spam efforts. Been going strong for some time now, from my point of view at least.

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