What is wrong with my DH?

Demon Hunter
A fairly new Diablo player here and I need some help. It seems that my sheet dps is lower than most similarly geared DHs. What am I doing wrong? I would really appreciate some feedback into how to gear better.

Note: My budget is very limited ~15m
I am by no means an expert in budgeting and improving one's gear by a !@#$ ton but here's some advice anyway..

you might want to get a cheap 2-3 set nats for the 7% more crit and 130 dex or 2 set nats for 7% more cc and 2 set inna's for the 130 dex, there are decent ones out there that only cost a few mil

I see some Natalya's bloody footprints with over 200 dex + AR for around 2 mil
same for chest pieces with also AR and 90 dex, you might lose out on some dex but I bet that 7% cc will make up for it.. I also find some for around 2 mil

Inna's temperance around the same price
inna's Favor around the same price
these 2 will give you 130 dex extra bonus as a set

these 4 pieces of gear might help you, and remember that the set bonuses doesn't get taken into account when clicking link gear to see the changes in your damage life and protection

also try your luck on crafting more necklaces, a double with alot of dex will do wonders (CC and CHD)

GL :)
What's your move speed bonus? I can't find move speed on your gear. I would agree that Nat's Set will help. I'd start with Nat Boots and chest, and inna's pants for attack speed. Boots will give you +12move speed and so will Inna's Temperance. Move speed might not seem important, but once you go +24% move speed you won't go back. This will also give you 2 additional sockets total to work with for gems. If you add me and whisper me when i'm on I have a REALLY bad Nat's chest you can have to start you off, but it might be worse than the Tyrael's. It's 78str 96dex 41arcane resist 10% life -2 Hatred cost on Chakram.

GREAT start here and great work done by Josef and Nyan !! .. .

If you can understand how these guys play then you are on your way.. There are alot of good info and mis-info with good intentions. Trying to put together the right combo gear/ skills is key to optimize / maximize your DH ..

Have fun and good luck ..
(These observations are made without any consideration of budget constraints. Some may fit your budget - some may not)

1) You have zero out of a possible 100 points of Crit Hit Damage in the amulet slot.
2) As others have stated, get some Inna's pants - these are must have for pretty much all classes. They also give the second +12% to move speed. +24% move speed is pretty mandatory, especially for a DH.
3) Get a Witching Hour belt or a decent Inna's belt to go with the Inna's pants.
4) Between the 2 ring slots you have zero out of a possible 12 points of Crit Hit Chance.

With your current passive skills and weapon you should be able to add 20-30k to your sheet dps with 15mil gold. Getting to 200k sheet dps may be a stretch with 15mil.
Nyan is here~

I personally found inna's favor to give more dps than Witching hour for the price, by a huge amount! 90 dex , 8 ias, 48 cd WH decreased me by 2k. lolwut?

As what was mentioned as above, you have no crit damage in your ammy :( Although your amulet is nice that it gives you a lot of vit, but it is restricting you... One way to get more vit if you are willing to sacrifice that amulet, is to get some in your pants, YOUR CLOAK!!

Next is your bow. Try to get either a 2 socket manticore, or a high dps crossbow with socket + crit damage, life steal is also nice too! Looking at your skills atm, You can try other weapons such as one handers and bow (like windforce), but I personally prefer crossbows because of my playstyle...

Sheet DPS is nice, but it doesn't mean much when actually seeing the damage numbers, or how much does your DH contribute to the team when grouping. Remember to play what you want to play as!
Thanks for the very insightful comments guys.

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