Error 3003 (or unplayable if I get in)

Technical Support
Error 3003 again.
Was able to sign in, but 600ms+ latency.
Took at least 5 minutes to get through "initializing", then when attempting to log in "Error 3003".
Error 3003 & error 3007 BLIZZARD TECHS - Please, please, please, - sort this out - why do I play for an hour or so & get unequivocally kicked from games regardless of "afk" status or fully involved in hellfire ring item games..... it is very annoying to say the least.. surely you must know this is happening & surely you must know how or why its happening,,, other wise why are you being paid what must be a massive salary to sit there with your finger in your a.. thinking ....... whatever... I feel like you guys have my money & you don't care if I get value for my money or not,,, cos you already have my money..... well I can assure you I am a easily satisfied customer like many others,,, all I ask is for the servers to work between updates & for the lack of incompetence after the servers are up...... is that too much too ask
I add: I have been dropped about 10 times today so far & I am getting a little bored with it..

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