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Demon Hunter
Hey fellows/gals, I am in need of advice on what to replace. My dps is basically around 215k-270k based on my set-up. I feel as though I have hit a wall and can only farm MP1-MP3. How do I continue on with higher MP? I have around 350 Mil to spend btw. Thanks.
Think you need to get your armor up to 4K at least... Please check my DH, I do MP5-6.... Add me and we'll do a run... My gear is not so good. But works for me...
Lacunis - Straight DPS upgrade with attackspeed + crit
AR on shoulders

Try getting CC and CD gloves, mine were only 25 mil.

You can do MP5 with that setup, it just isnt as fast as mp 1-3.

Add me and if I'm online I will help with what I can
MP10 isn't that hard for me, I do MP8 no problem, MP5 is a walk in the park. My DPS is similar to yours.

All you need is armor and resists. People tend to say 4k armor, 400 all resists, 40k hp. I used to run much higher than that but I'm not at 4k+ armor, ~350 all resists, and 50k+ hp. Get close to that and you'll be golden.

In the words of Rocky Balboa, "It ain't about how hard ya hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward".
Thanks guys. I bought a need DML today so that helped. Ive wasted at least 150 Demonic essences trying to upgrade gear as well.
Your gear is fine bro. Yes. Its completely fine. Maybe get inna's favor (100+ dex, 8% holy, vit since the holy damage would stack very well with ur windforce), but that's not an issue. Your actually issue is your methods of farming.

Yes your gear is fine actually, you just need to figure what skillset is best for you for farming. You need to make sure you have the suited damage output with your skills, while surviving at the same time. I personally face tank, spamming echoing blast, but that's a personal preference. Looking at your skillset atm, the reason why you cannot farm 'high' mp levels is because you don't have a skill which does good damage in a condensed area, like spike traps. Elemental arrow is a great way to clear white mobs, but when it comes down to elites, its not as effective.

You can try methods of "stack" damage too. Example: Using sentry -> spitfire while attacking elites, plant spike trap and attack, entangling shot -> shock collar, and attacking with other skills, etc.

As with higher mp levels, you need to make sure your skillset also let you survive.

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