Easy Auction house fix that isn't removing it.

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This just complicates things. I support the previous suggestions of implementing a "no-AH" option upon creating your character, just like selecting Hardcore. A no-AH character will never have access to the AH and the only items outside self-found would be through player-to-player trades.

If you want a feature to be implemented, much like what you've suggested, you're talking about tracking each and individual item in the entire game. Not sure how much resources that would use up since I'm no game developer, but I doubt it'll be easier than simply creating a checkbox option to take out AH for individual characters.
Of course they will and when they want to try to get rid of it, they wont be able to auction it off any more, they will be forced to barter for it or have it collecting dust. This is Diablo, there will always be a better item. Sooner or later that class gap is going to close because all the rich people are buying the good items, and thus giving those with little gold more gold if they manage to find a really good drop that sells. In turn they will be able to start buying gear from the AH.
@Jaetch as much as I am for the no AH or even the check box idea, I doubt blizzard would want to take people away from the auction house. I believe the tracker can be done. Just like there are account bound items and player bound items, I am pretty sure they can make an AH bound item. That doesn't allow it to sell on the AH.
Really? are saying responses such as "Beyond stupid" "Dumb" "rich people will buy all items" and negating you attempt at selling 2bil items actual proper responses with thought put into them? Please troll else where.
I had a similar idea to this a while ago. It was that items that don't sell are removed from the game & become available to drop again. It would force prices to reflect a true worth, make better drops more frequent & maybe even get enough gold selling through the RMAH so the gold price goes up.
This will only promote third party sites for trading again which promotes scams and hacks....
This is a good idea
@blade thank you, another person with a response that had some thought into. That was my initial goal, was to have the AH reflect items true worth, not some flipper trying to fill their wallet and keep items high. The more people that have good gear to farm - more competition and better prices. Everyone forgets that this is diablo and that there will always be better gear.
@frozenshade. Even if this does promote those scams and hacks. it will also help the game by having people who were scammed by them get banned by being reported. No one likes being scammed. If the trading aspect of the game increase in activity blizzard will be forced to either eliminate it or fix it.
04/28/2013 04:37 PMPosted by Cinic
@frozenshade. Even if this does promote those scams and hacks. it will also help the game by having people who were scammed by them get banned by being reported. No one likes being scammed. If the trading aspect of the game increase in activity blizzard will be forced to either eliminate it or fix it.

Yeah because reporting works so well for bots and gold seller spam...

One question for you, how can blizzard know if you were scammed or just made a terrible deal and regret it and want to get your item back?

Your suggestion will do nothing but more even more top tier and even middle tier gear to sites like d2jsp,
I am pretty sure Blizzard has logs on our characters as a just in case. as for the terrible deal a simple double confirmation before completing the trade should help. making it known to you twice before the transaction is completed so you know what you are trading for. As for top teir gear and middle teir gear being driven to sites well then we know where the botters and farmers are and people use those sites at their own risk. If items are being moved to those sites it helps keep the in game AH with better in game prices. Remember those sites are use at your own risk.
i still dont get why people are so upset by item flipping, if you wanna buy my item off me, and sell it for more than you got it for, go ahead. i wont lose any sleep over it.
You want an AH fix?

Reseller's tax.

For every flip the account is penalized with a tax that accumulates with each flip and decreases with each month that a flip hasn't occurred. The reseller's tax is 15% of the windfall with a ceiling of 100%.

The definition of a flip would be a purchase that was then resold at a higher price. If the resale price wasn't greater than the purchase price, it doesn't incur the reseller's tax.
Its not about flipping the item. Its that with so many people flipping items it just leaves the AH cluttered with expensive items and then other people start marking their items extremely high because everyone else is doing so. This still lets you flip but puts a limit on it.
@Helikzhan comment, Very nice idea.
Pointlessly complicated to annoy people who use the GAH to sell their hard earned loot.

I often re-list my items dozens of times because I do not support flippers. I try and sell at an acceptable market value but if it does not sell I relist at a discount price until it does sell or is not worth my time.

I do agree that more should be done to prevent people flipping items. Such changes that are popular would be a 7 day no-sell time on all AH purchases or requiring an item be used for a certain period of time before it can be sold again. What you are suggesting is aimed at killing both the AH and the servers. Not only would lots of item state data be needed, but also players would resort to third party sites to trade since using the AH is inconvenient.
So if I happen to be unlucky and wasn't able to sell my item within the 48 hrs, I will have to spam the trade channel to sell it?

I don't think I have time for such commitment.....

Any alternatives?

EDIT: Other than vendor or salvage?
What would you guys do without the AH? spam trade, post in forums to sell your stuff, no one is forcing you to go to 3rd party sites that's your choice. They added the AH as way to protect players from those third party sites. If your having to repost your items dozen of times, then maybe they arnt as valuable as you think? or there are just too many items on the ah for people to find yours. This type of option make players think before they post an item so that way they just dont keep posting on the ah until it gets sold. It helps reduce the clutter on the AH.

As for the alternatives? what would you do if there wasn't an ah to begin with?

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