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Look at Final Fantasy XI. I bought it on the PS2, and started playing on that console, then downloaded it for the PC for "Free", and played on the pc on my already leveled characters from the PS2. Then got a copy of it for my Xbox 360, and again played those same charactes that I played on the PS2, and PC.

1 account across 3 different platforms. it is very well possible to achieve this same outcome on diablo 3! It is just a ploy to get money from existing customers from all the according companies. And Blizzards febal attempt to recover their losses of sales on the PC version, as it was broken the day of release.
Does this mean the econ will be brand new? and less flooded with duped gold and duped items!!
Being able to load and play your characters that were created on PC or Mac should be technically trivial. All Blizzard would have to do is *not* purposely segment their D3 databases by platform. There may be legal issues however, that would cause Blizzard to keep separate databases and servers for each platform. Microsoft is known to discourage cross-platform play for example:


Being able to play together with PC or Mac players is an entirely different matter that may indeed have greater technical challenges.

BTW, yes, I am in fact choosing not to purchase D3 for PS3 specifically for this reason.
The fact of the matter is that this is a different game, it's not a port. Gameplay mechanics differ greatly between the two iterations so cross-platform play or transfer of characters is off the table.
07/19/2013 09:11 PMPosted by DamienJohn
The fact of the matter is that this is a different game, it's not a port. Gameplay mechanics differ greatly between the two iterations so cross-platform play or transfer of characters is off the table.

Don't waste your breath, they don't get it. They just need to hate on something. Let them stew and whine while we have fun.
Wow some people really did think they were gonna get diablo 3 for free on the consoles lmao!Im so happy to see it come to consoles so I can play with my friends on xbox and ps3 it's gonna be awesome.
so for all those posting here please note if you havent figured it out by now there will be no ah for the console version you will not be able to port your pc character over to the console version
battle.net will not be supporting console version in any way if you wanna keep your pc character keep your pc game otherwise plan on starting from scratch
also yes you can still share items on console version while playing online or offline the part i like most is i can actually have two people here at home playing and add 2 online friends although i am concerned for sony because of their release of black ops 2 it overloaded their servers im thinking this may do it again
also please email me if you would like to have a ps3 friend to play db3 with it would be fun to have a group ready to go for those of you that are running ps3 version so please let me know sniperman34.jk@gmail.com
i would like to get a few gamer chicks in the group as well
There is no need to figure stuff out.

Blizzard has already stated a while ago that there is no AH http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9281758282#5
Well lets hope this is not the biggest mistake blizzard ever made then
A partial discount for current account-holders would be great- i'd say a 20% discount would be good enough for most of the masses, so long as you promise them that the expansion will eventually roll out (not like you said about pvp... This actually needs to happen.)

No one is genuinely happy with the diablo3 pc version, and as someone who purchased the collector's edition on release day I feel double-cheated. I'm surprised Blizz didn't offer partial refunds.

The best thing you can do to apologize to your fanbase is #1, admit that you should be apologizing, and #2, discount these versions or discount the expansion for people who own this game. It's not too much to ask.
Well; for ps3 to ps3 - characters can be put on a USB drive to play on a friends PS3 (assuming they do not have net or something) as playstation plus members all have cloud saving - thus the character can also be downloaded from the cloud.

People are spamming complaints about "Hardcore characters can cheat and re-load!" - I believe that if someone is playing hardcore offline and never goes online - good for them; if it ends up working that way, nobody is going to end up noticing them - as soon as they go back online - the game/servers know that character died at level X and now he has been offline for Y amount of days and is level Z - I assume those who attempt to cheat the USB system will be punished for perm-a-PS Plus and Game ban.

I initially wanted to use my 60 monk on the PS3; but after all the changes since I stopped playing *right when paragon patch came out* I figured it would be far more fun to re-roll and play from scratch on PS3 - and it really is - I am solo as Master 1 so far; I can probrably go up to master 2; entering drowned temple as we speak and am live streaming asking viewers to jump in if they'd like - every other day I play and stream with my buddy, and we up it to Master 3 or so few wipe periods but basically just great loot drops and XP with the far enchanced loot drop system on the PS3; -
only complaint is since PSN profiles do not link to B.net - Where do I show off my character? any type of Console Armory? if not I have no E-Peen for D3 PS3 :(
I have somewhat of a twist on the original question. I'm assuming the answer is "no", but I'd still like to confirm. Diablo 3 will also be coming out for PS4 (and presumably at this point Xbox One). My question is, will I be able to transfer and/or continue my progress to the next gen of any given console? If I play on PS3, will I be able to continue on my PS4 when that comes out? If I play on 360, can I then continue on the Xbox One if it's also released for that platform??
I completely understand why they are not doing transfers from pc to ps3 but is there any talk to maybe later for people that already have and paid for it on pc to get a discount for ps3 version?
In a way, I like having to start all over again, it does not bother me about whether or not I can transfer my characters across.

I assume there will be new trophies and achievements on the PlayStation Version that, if I were to transfer my characters across, I might not be able to earn or that I would miss unless I started a new character anyway
I got diablo 3 pc version for free, didn't anyone else?

Paying for ps3 version was no issue and I even got a 25 percent off from buying it at Toys R Us on release day. ($45 vs $60) ps3 version is insane compared to pc if you go the "self found" route and don't rely on AH. I did not like spending inordinate amounts of time on AH instead of playing to find loot. If this is a preview of Loot 2.0 I am looking forward to when it rolls out.
this is the dumbest thread ever really.
D3 PC doesnt store character files locally so its impossible to transfer unless bliz allows PC to be played offline meaning your chars will be stored locally on your PC. It's stupid to link the two accounts because all you are doing is playing the same exact characters except with a controller on a couch. Play though the game and start new toons and dont be so lazy if you want to play on ps3.
thats is not true I have played the demo and it is the same as pc version the quests are the same so is the world another mess up by bizzard again they should of done it to like it or its becuase they thought people would stop play pc version
07/19/2013 10:49 AMPosted by Pinino
Does this mean the econ will be brand new? and less flooded with duped gold and duped items!!

read: modding

09/22/2013 05:03 AMPosted by Jake
Play though the game and start new toons and dont be so lazy if you want to play on ps3.

and hope that you don't experience the corrupted data bug, lose all progress, not even able to restart with a new profile since the game will continue to say that your save file is corrupt.
Have fun!

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