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@Duffman Don't hold your breath. I practically guarantee there will be no "ban wave".

If they were going to do a "ban wave" they would have just done it, not that "threat" that Lyllira posted.
Has the ban wave hit yet? This is a pretty important precedent-setting moment in terms of how Blizzard defines fair play. Penalties were implied and I'm quite curious to see how they are applied. Any update on that, L?

Never said there was going to be ban wave (or anything of the sort), so there's no update to give. To recap what I did say, though:

  • Sometimes, bugs and game mechanics can be abused to do things that are a) not intended by design and b) harmful to other players and/or the game environment. These are considered exploits.
  • Knowingly and maliciously using an exploit can lead to account penalties.
  • Whether or not someone is penalized for using an exploit really depends on the individual situation and, in most cases, is handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • In general, if you know an exploit exists, it's best to not use it. Pretty simple.

Also, I meant to lock this thread with my last post, but failed, so doing that now.

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