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Well at least yall are working on it before it gets any more out of control. I hope yall do something about the folks that already abused this bug.
I love that Moldran used this exploit to get his WD to p100 and then reported it..what a stand up guy that one.
Quit pumping out console games and focus on the PC issues...it all comes down to gettin that money for blizzard, they'll sell anything half assed to make a buck...sell outs.
04/26/2013 03:54 PMPosted by Lylirra
On the contrary, I said that we did not know about the bug when the patch went live. I'm not sure if that's better or worse in your mind, but it was issue on our end, and we’re already taking a look at our reporting processes to see how we can improve them to reduce the chances of something like this happening again.

Soooo were you hurrying as fast as you could to fix it right as this patch went live?? or were you waiting until enough people abused it and made it public and used it to "we are working as fast as we can?"???

also this bug fits all the exploitation requirements for a ban, this should not be an account by account circumstance it should be your job to investigate and ban those that used it.

If 0 action is taken then who am I to say I don't deserve free paragon levels to match those that got them? its not fair they got to abuse it with no effect and i didn't just because i chose not to.. there has to be SOME justice to malicious exploiters actions.
Thank you for finally addressing this Blizzard.


Don't tell me that you cant look and see who's been wearing Cain's set, Hellfire, and Leoric's for the last several weeks brawling instead of farming. Also don't tell me you can't see who's using macros to do it AFK either. I know you can. I think an account rollback (and perhaps select rust storm?) might be a fair action as opposed to all out ban. Either way, an example should be made. Lots of examples.

I think its not ok.
Just please think about it, and dont complain about who used this or use at the moment.
What if I tell you I dont care who farm xp like this or any other way? I dont care about exploits, and think blizzard you shouldnt threaten your player base, the few who still plays diablo3, and enjoys what the game can provide in any ways.
Friends help others to get xp and enjoy each. This is cooperation.
Now you tell them not to do, becouse they will get banned.//or raped or what "account being penalized" realy is
What if they didnt read this forum? What if they just brawling with dogs? How will they know its an exploit, and farming elites are not(or scorpions)?
//what if they want to reach the highest combo in the universe, how cant you prove it was a bot or finger?
The only who has responsibility about exploits is you blizzard, till you not fix, its just a feature. We just want to use all the features in the game and not to read all the little blue post with 100X lenght around the real content, before playing this game. Maybe I have a different moral, maybe you guys thinks different in forum or in blizzard, but I feel bad only about the AH/gold farmer bots, the sinking gold cos of the real cheaters..
Ok, its not that sad, I just playing a lot with diablo3, enjoy, and cant use ah bec of the bots properly, its not part of my game at all, or how it should be.

I hope I'm not being rude, but cant see more without a few words how you guys blueposting, blogging and the game is not evolving this speed how you wasting your time to write those long stuffs.

Rumor: I heard a guy killed a goblin and get banned bec it dropped 3 legendaries.
(got it?)
Obviously, there are smarter ppl working at Blizzard then the "top brass" within the company walking around finalizing the product before release. It's an inside job...bug's don't "just happen"...someone thought that it would be helpful to ppl using that "bug" to get what they want out of items. Think about it. p100, 500% inc MF, better Led's...more selling point on the RMAH, Blizz get's a cut of the sale.Things that make you go Hmmmmm.
So we all need to get on PTR and find the bugs post them to hacks while keeping a list. What doesnt get fixed w/ live 1.08 we post on the forums about till the hot-fix. An odd system to work worth but it's what we got now do it i guess.
The game allows you to do it so for now you should be allowed to do it. How can ones account be penalized for doing something the game allows you to do? Even if someone tapes their mouse down so it plays all night how can you prove that they did this? I think to say that you're penalizing people is wrong because you allowed this to happen even if unintentional.
This is unacceptable.

I expect blizzard to run a report which shows the amount of experience gained within paragon levels 1-100 and compare it to how many hours were played. Blizzard can do the math on what it takes to get to p100, and rollback anyone who took advantage of this bug back to plvl 0.
I for one think Blizzard is doing the right thing.

They've taken accountability for their actions. They've been nothing but honest, and everybody is back-lashing because they worked hard for their levels.

Well, as one of those individuals that works hard for their exp; take pride in the knowing that you are somebody who legitimately obtained your experience points.

I cannot be upset at a developer who is fixing an issue. (Regardless of when it was reported, Blizzard has always been known for 'Soon' anyhow.), and I cannot be upset as a player because it only boosts my appreciation for how I've played the game in comparison. Let them have their false characters and relish in the fact that they got it for free.

They leveled those characters as much as people who win giveaways on streams farmed that gold. Let them have their fun; It will never be the same.
For take your sweet time with the PTR this is unacceptable, what is even more shocking is that fact that players have reported these bugs before the patch went live. This proves the discourse of communication between blizz and the community
Not even trying to troll, I'm just a big fan of transparency when "penal[ties]" are involved, and am suggesting you could avoid a lot of heartburn by simply laying out the ban policy, rollback policy, etc. ahead of time.

Totally understand. It's a legitimate concern. The best response to your question is actually covered by our [url="https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-exploitation-policy"]exploitation policy[/url], which I linked previously:

Bug Exploitation

Some bugs are minor and do not affect gameplay, but sometimes bugs can be used to provide an unfair advantage to certain players or negatively affect the game itself. An appropriate penalty for exploitation is determined by whether or not:

  • The exploit is performed intentionally, maliciously, or repeatedly
  • The exploit damages another hero or their gameplay
  • An attempt has been made to conceal the exploit's use

While certain exploits can be cut-and-dry, most are complicated beasts. Sometimes, players will use an exploit and not realize it. Sometimes, an exploit will exist, but it won't be damaging to any other player or the economy. In those situations, our priority will always be to fix what’s wrong as quickly as we can so that the game is better for everyone (as opposed to calling down the banhammer). If someone is actively abusing an exploit, though, and doing so maliciously and knowingly, then yeah, we might step in -- but it would likely be something that's handled on a case-by-case basis. Again, our primary goal is it to improve the game environment, not get some sort of revenge, so whether or not someone is penalized really depends on the individual situation.

Even so, the best course of action if you know an exploit exists is not to use it. If you want to submit a report, you can (and we'd be thankful for it), but that'd be going above and beyond.

Just hope you will be as aggresive with the botters
Come down on them like the HAMMER OF THOR!
The hits just keep on coming!
pathetic, blizzard, absolutely pathetic

does anyone else feel that diablo is like the retarded half-brother in the successful blizzard family?
Reset their levels back !! It is a slap in the face to all legit players, frankly I dont understand the state of mind in blizzard, legit players/true fans of the game keep getting skkrewed over by dupers/bots/exploiters and at the end of the day blizzard does nothing to them ?

Blizzard, you're allowing the selected few to crap all over legit players, making the game we all love into an unpleasant exp, it just leaves a bad taste and eventually hurts your reputation... makes no sense...
I doubt there will be ban though I think some form of punishment should be given to the exploiters. I've never heard of any1's account banned for previous exploits such as Adria's bug or Wizard's bug.
Roll-back time
Honestly i'm going to be highly upset if people abusing this at least dont lose what they gained out of it because i play hardcore and having a easy way to level up really ruins what hardcore is about.

And the fact that i didn't use it thinking that it would be is even more annoying. Things like this should be addressed the way it is going to handled asap. If you dont plan on doing anything let the people like myself know so they can join the cheap cheat of the week so we dont get so far behind the rest of the pack.

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