Early 2009 mac book pro: constant lag/stutter

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I'm running version 10.6.9 mac osx
processor 2.2GHz Intel core 2 duo with 4gb of ram, graphics card GeForce 8600M GT

The game gets soo unplayable that i have to just deal with it sometimes even to the point I just completely stop.
Ive noticed it happens when i encounter big mobs and all 4 players in the same area.
I also get the mouse disappearing from time to time.
Please give me a solution to my problem.
I'm surprised you could even install it. According to the D3 requirements, it requires a minimum of 10.7.5.


That said, you are at the bare minimum for the game requirements, even lower, due to the older OS. I recommend upgrading your OS and maxing our your RAM, but even then I imagine you'll experience some lag/stutter.

I'm using a mid 2011 Mac Mini with 10.8.3, 2.5GHz i5, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics card and I still encounter occasional lag/stutter.

Sadly, I've noticed this trend in the Blizzard games over the years that even if you are over the minimum requirements and even over the recommended, their games still lag/stutter at times. Much more frequent than they should.

I recommend a real upgrade. Not just the OS and RAM. Go with a new Mac using an i7 processor if you can.
Well thanks for the info. I'll be upgrading soon to a pc.
05/02/2013 07:53 PMPosted by hOtFuzz
Well thanks for the info. I'll be upgrading soon to a pc.

You don't 'need' a PC. However, you may want to play via 'Bootcamp'. There are serious, serious issues playing this game under OSX. I'm tired of beating the war drums to fix this, but if you care to, explain what you are experiencing to bring more clout to the issue.
05/02/2013 07:53 PMPosted by hOtFuzz
Well thanks for the info. I'll be upgrading soon to a pc.

Switching to Windows isn't the answer, just because your hardware is dated. All computers become dated over time. Even if you get a Windows computer, it'll eventually become dated and need to be replaced.

As Ghostpos said, you could try Bootcamp, but I still think your current computer will have issues, simply due to the hardware being limited.

If it's a cost issue, then I highly suggest going with a Mac Mini. They are under $1,000 and perform well. Mine is an i5 and my D3 stutters occasionally, but it's not too bad. I'd still suggest an i7 though for a lot better performance.

Upgrade tip: Never max out RAM through Apple. Always buy additional RAM from Crucial, which uses the same RAM chips Apple uses, but at a lower cost.
What resolution and setting are you running your mac mini at Cruciarius? I would love to know how that mini performs. I plan on getting a next generation model in the future. Whats your FPS?

I have a 2009 mac mini with the 9400m in it and its really bad lag and major stutters and jerks. Anything more than 1 player is out of the question. Meanwhile on bootcamp I can play lag free with only very minor stutters and 4 player games are very playable.

So for some users Windows is the answer. Nvidia released new mobile graphics drivers this year and it seems to help a lot.

I will be VERY cautious about any future playing on OSX in the future. There is no comparison is performance.
I just upgraded everything i could on my Mac book even the OS to mountain lion and it still does the same. I remember it was playing well for a long while til either right before or after the patch before 1.08. Any how my mac book is getting dated and im moving on to a pc for strictly gaming and using my mac book for browsing the nets.

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