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Edit: May 11th, 2014 ***THIS INFO IS OUT OF DATE***

Current info from mechanics thread:


Saw this post on the DH forum.

05/01/2013 02:58 PMPosted by Iria
Lastly, contrary to popular belief, there are enemies which have specific elemental resistances and as a result take 1/2 damage from those elements. For example, Blazing Guardians take 1/2 damage from fire, thus Bola Shot - Volatile Explosives do 1/2 damage to them. Also, because of that fire resistance, fire elemental SoJs will only provide HALF the bonus to the fire damage for them! That is, if you say have 100k physical dps with no ring, and thus 106k dps with a fire SoJ, you will effectively only have 103k dps against Blazing Guardians if you use an ability like Hungering Arrow - Spray of Teeth (mix of physical and fire), have 106k dps using something like Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning (all non-fire), and 53k dps using something like Bola Shot - Volatile Explosives (all fire).


Thoughts? I know elites used to have resistances to a given element if they spawned with the corresponding elemental affix, arcane enchanted were strong vs. arcane dmg, electrified strong vs. lightning dmg, etc. but that was removed.

Iria isn't talking about elites, he's talking about entire classes of monsters. Is this accurate? And if it is, does anyone have more info on this topic?

edit: post #6 has my results of testing on fire and poison damage on smoldering and toxic constructs
Bump on this as I am now curious as well.
Might just be an unintended bug since blizzard didn't want to have mobs with elemental resistances as far as I know. I'd prefer to see a well established test method for it rather then take someone's word for it, like some sort of low weapon damage test with various elemental skills.

Plenty of people say plenty of things but just because it's said doesn't mean it's right.
Yeah, I am going to test it tonight if I have time. Thought someone might have already looked at it and had some results.
If I weren't on vacation I would love to help test this out. I'm gonna keep an eye on this and if nothing has been done by the time I get home I will help out and post my findings.
serpentine did 48.7% of the normal damage to toxic construct

bola did 48.7% of the normal damage to smoldering construct

impale did 100% damage to smoldering construct with all physical damage but...

impale did 97.1035% of the normal damage to smoldering construct with black weapon and 6% fire soj. This equates to the smoldering construct taking 100% of the physical damage and about 48.8-48.9% of the soj fire damage. Small discrepancies are likely just from rounding (was doing this with 2k dps).
How did you test? Were you using a low damage weapon with +min damage so all attacks did the same damage?

Have you done any tests with wizard skills?
How did you test? Were you using a low damage weapon with +min damage so all attacks did the same damage?


Have you done any tests with wizard skills?

i bought a white "hand crossbow," put on a 35 min ammy, dismissed scoundreezy, used this build http://d3up.com/b/580933#skills comme ci, comme ca, broke up LoWD set so no skelli summons and the testing was done in the unknown depths mp1 inferno and then i wrote a run-on sentence about it.
Thanks for the info and testing it yourself.
I can believe this. Some packs drop really fast and some just take a significantly longer time to kill.

But as stated above, it's probably a non-intended bug.
it would be pretty stupid if you're breathing fire, walking on fire and spitting fire - then you're weak against it :D
I'm not at all surprised by my findings but I wonder if any enemies have resistances to arcane or physical.

I am also wondering if you are running an SNS/meteor combo build, would it be better to not spam meteors vs. blazing/smoldering? Depending on which rune you are using, I think you would still want to fire off a meteor every 3 seconds in the case of shower, 6 seconds in the case of MI, and either 6 or 11 seconds in the case of liquefy to keep conflag up 100%. But would it benefit you to not rain them down like a maniac when you hit full windup and rely on normal SNS damage with periodic conflag bumping? Obviously, you are still going to spam if you are using Shaggy or a build like I have in my profile...
Just FYI, Inferno Zombies (A1, Halls of Agony) are also fire resistant.
I'm currently playing a Fire Bats WD and it's really hard to not notice when my crits are suddenly only half as big. So I'm going to post again when/if I find any others in A2, A3 or A4.
In VoA and presumably elsewhere in Act 2, those little bugs that are spawned from the pillars. Those are resistant as well. Lightning bugs spawned from lightning pillars are lightning resistant, fire are fire resistant, etc. I only recall fire, lightning, cold, and poison ones, though. Can't remember if there are arcane/holy ones or not.
05/31/2013 07:54 PMPosted by Rafazafar
This. And those large spiders near Kulle's chamber. I will completely stand by the FACT that the blue ones are super cold resistant and take almost as long to kill as an elite pack when using sleet storm.

Yea, the constructs or whatever they're called. They're just like the Blazing Guardians (fire resistant) and Shock Guardians (lightning resistant) in VoA. I mentioned it in Apo's wizard guide a bit back, and someone confirmed that the Toxic (poison) and Frozen (frost) constructs are also resistant.
Didn't find any others with fire resistance in A2/3/4.
Not even the ones that based on their name and appearance really should be resistant. Like Blazing Swordwielders in Keeps 1.

Either I missed a ton of them, or (fire) resistant monsters are really rare.
anyone know if any mobs are physical resistant?(maybe the heavy hitters)

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