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Hello...I am trying to log in to my account and i can't...i put the right password , then i put the right authenticator number and then it ticks the 1st ""connected to server" and it doesnt tick the authenticated credentials...Any ideas?
same problem very slow login
Same problem here.
here 3 :(

*EDIT: Also got an error message stating: Input limit reached, please wait to perform more actions.
so its a technical prob..thats good..better than hack i guess !! So patience folks...
here also
same problem over here =(
same here
Suddenly couldn't start a new game so I logged out only to find myself having the same problem.
If I wait long enough it says something like "Input limit reached".
Same problem here...
same here. was enthusiastic for a second, because i was over "authenticating credentials".

but then came the error message....
input limit reached
Please wait to perform more actions..............
Bump, three accounts in this house that cannot connect ...
Same problem here
seems login server is gone =)
Reporting in from Finland, same issues.
Same, UK here
can't login to europe :[
Same here.

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