Error 10017 after crash

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After the nice little authentication breakdown, i seem to run into another issue.
I was in a prty with a friend of mine when the "crash of the auth" happened and now when i try to logg in i get "Failed to create own party error 10017".
My friend is on his laptop, same room, and he can play fine atm.

Read the other posts about reainstalling and what not but nothing of those advises seems to have worked very well.

Anyone have any idea ?
Same Problem ... please help
Failed to create own party error 10017

None of the suggested solutions work, it´s not on the clients end, it´s on Blizzards end, please acknowledge this as an urgent issue.
how did you guys fix this problem mine is doing the same thing contacted customer support and they cant figure it out either

Is there any way you could use another computer, perhaps a friend's, to login with your account and see if it still happens? I looked over what the reps did for you with your support ticket and they've done all I'd be able to do as well. If your account works from another computer, we'll know it's still an issue with your computer, but if it doesn't, we'll know it's the account somehow and would have to escalate it to be checked.

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yes I have tried it on 3 different computers and also at my friends house on his computer with another internet company and it still does not work
I am having the same problem error 10017 cannot create own party and auto logout. been 3 days now, I uninstall and reinstalled game few times, tried on a different computer with different internet service. I can log on Asia and Europe realms. I cannot find any advice to get rid of this problem please help!!

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