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The auction house cap is ignorant and useless. It needs to be removed. By having a cap you are holding our game play back. Which makes this game really unjoyable after you reach a certain point. if cap was removed be a lot better to find items other than having to go to some other site cause the 2bil items just aren't cutting it! All the gg items are stuck on some other site and not diablo ah.Having the 2bil cap removed will bring those items back to where they belong and us godly elite players can actually find upgrades. This needs to happen with a quickness as in like last freakin patch. So get to work Blizz and do the right thing! Remove the ignorant useless burden of a 2bil cap!
Othe players need to voice their opinion bout this also so Blizz will do something about it and not jus ignore and remove the thread like they usually do
majority of us do care only the people who can't afford thing's don't care. 2bil cap is a flawed idea that needs to be removed. By having a cap it is driving more gg items to be sold else where other than where they should be sold. Which is a burden to ALL PLAYERS
Sylak it's not about competition ya noob it's bout keepin the items where they belong so we can find them to buy and protect us from getting scammed. Are you that brainless? If cap is removed the items would not have to be posted else where to be sold! Giving us players more items to find as upgrades on d3 ah. Plus keeping them on a site we know is for sure a safe place to buy.
I'm not sure how removing a cap on how much gold something can be sold for on the AH is going to effect people buying things for real money on 3rd party sites. If those items are being traded for gold on 3rd party sites what difference does the limit on the AH make??? The absolute best items will always be traded on 3rd party sites even if you raise the cap because the people running those sites are likely to have 10x whatever gold you can come up with to buy it off the Gold auction house and just still sell it on their site. This would be a waste of valuable time on blizzards part that could be put to much better use... seeing as it's blizzard though, they will likely just waste it on something equally pointless.
3rd party sites do not have a cap. So what you just said was pointless and made no sense what so ever. It's actually Blizz that is causing that problem cause their cap is way way way to low. If cap was raised a very large amount we players would not have to consider that option. Like now I can't find a upgrade cause the items I need cost more than 2bil. Only way to get an item like that is a 3rd party site. All the blame points at Blizz great idea of capping the ah.
You can use gold on 3rd party sites to buy things it's not only cash purchases
I had no idea that this cap existed. You know, when I find an item (Legondary) in the game and I can't use it, I go to the AH. I look for other legondaries with similar properties by filtering the results. So far, I have not found an item where the AH has similar items for more than a few million.

However, I guess I would be pissed if I found an item that is slightly better than the 2 billion gold items I see at AH. I guess my alternative would be to go to the Real Money AH and again find what similar items are selling for. Then I would list it there at slightly above what the others are going for.

The problem with that for the players above is that they have billions in gold but no real money ah connection. Or, they have that connection but do not want to deal with the real money option. Or they have other reasons. This is a senerio where the items they want is still with Blizzard (not a 3rd party) but for some reason, they do not have access to them.

I am for keeping a better value to the gold. Part of that is for the game to have less gold so that the gold that is out there has more real money value. I will not go into all of those reasons here, however, I would like to point out one thing. If say the cap were not there or extended to, say, 5 billion, Blizzard will get the 15% commission on the gold, taking massive chuncks of gold out of the game. 15% of 2 billion is 300 million gold, while 15% of 5 billion is 750 million gold. I know it is not much different in the grand sceme of things to the economy, but every little bit helps.

If a person wants to sell for more than 2 billion gold and a person wants to buy for more than 2 billion gold, I say, "why not?", It helps some players, it helps the economy, and it may avoid some shady (or not so shady) 3rd party sites making money off of what is clearly Blizzard's money to make.
The 10 items at once cap? No. We need that, or we'll have billions of useless crap on the AH.
yo OP, not all us play with a credit card ya know
Sylak you must be one of those players who can't afford anything Or just very clueless. 3rd party sites do matter cause they are the only place I can find an upgrade. Reason is 250 and 2bil are not high enough for us rich players in the game as you call it. 3rd party sites are very relevant cause they are taking away all the gg items. Only items that remain here in game are some turd gear that some noob thinks is actually worth something.
like now I saw a witching hour i wanted. it's sold already. Bet that gg witching hour is going to be taken to another site to be sold. Instead of stayin on the in game site. Then only way fore me to get that witching hour is to go to the 3rd party site to buy it.
04/26/2013 11:42 PMPosted by Overkill
The auction house cap is ignorant and useless. It needs to be removed. By having a cap you are holding our game play back.

You do realize that most people don't even have 1 million gold to their name. Now think back when this game actually had a lot more people playing.. many of them didn't even have 500K in total loot + gold.

Now ask yourself this.. how is removing the 2bil cap going to benefit this vast vast vast majority of people?

You know what would benefit more people.. putting a cap of 500K on the AH, and $5 on the rmah. Then hopefully the idiots will run to neighboring seller sites and get scammed to serve them right in trying to play the game outside of how it was meant to play since the take off of the franchise.

That will benefit people far more than lifting the 2 billion cap
The majority of players will never use third party sites so it really doesn't matter to most of us what the value of an item or gold is on a third party site.

The people who do use third party sites will always use them because they will always offer some advantages. Whether it's avoiding the gold/rm cap, avoiding the auction transaction fees, having a unique selection of items or whatever else, there will always be something.

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