Ah cap is a burden to all players

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I will say this uncapping wont stop 3rd party selling completely. It will keep more items where they belong on D3. Plus it would get people to slow down the use of taking that gg item to their 3rd party site. Someone could post it on D3 ah and get for example that 4 or 5bil they wanted for an item. Me personally I'd spend atleast 6bil on a piece of gear. Be nice to just search D3 ah and find the 6bil item I was needing as an upgrade.
That is horrible! I feel so sorry for you, hope you make it through this disaster!

Poor poor credit card warrior!
Seeing how the average player picks up less than 100M gold in total...

The majority of players will never have 2,000M of gold to buy top end AH items, let alone larger amounts. I recon less than 1/1,000 players can afford top end gear.
Seeing how the average player picks up less than 100M gold in total...

The majority of players will never have 2,000M of gold to buy top end AH items, let alone larger amounts. I recon less than 1/1,000 players can afford top end gear.

So what if you find an item worth 5b gold? Would you be willing to put it on the AH for 2b gold?

Gold has almost no value because there's so much of it. 15% AH Tax for 5b is a lot more than for 2b gold. The more gold sunk, the more value it has as a whole.
I am against the cap. I find that what balances the two AH (to a point) is the RMAH. If an item goes above 2b, try searching on the RMAH and buy there. RM value for gold can reach up to 5.3 billion so if you buy a 250 dollar item consider it a 5.3bil item.

Is there an item that's worth more than 5.3b? Sure, but extremely rare and likely to be traded off-site anyways, regardless of cap or not, because they don't want to get hit with the 15% fee.

For now, the cap is good for the game. It makes things unsustainable for the botters and more affordable for players. While top end items are harder to find, it's not impossible to find given that you do some camping and some sniping.
Better solution: remove the gold floor from RMAH.
There's one little flaw with this way of thinking.

A lot of 'Item Flippers' don't have more than 5B gold. I'm not saying that the highest end gear is worth more than 5B gold. But on a 3rd party site, they sell for more than that. So most flippers, wouldn't have enough gold to buy items. It goes without saying that players that don't flip items won't have anywhere near enough gold to buy high end gear. So who's left, people willing to buy gold from 3rd party sites & botters.

Now where there are a lot of people buying gold from 3rd party sites, since very little gold is bought through the RMAH. (since gold cost too much on the RMAH in comparison) Unfortunately there are still a few botters out there that farm 100M+ gold a day. The only players left that can afford the best items are a MINORITY.

A lot of items posted on 3rd party sites, have such a high price. Not because of demand for the item, not because of they generally sell for that price. It's a competition to see how much they can sell an item for. In some cases the seller & the buyer are the same person, using different accounts just to make others think those items sell at those prices. Kind of amusing actually when you think that some people think that's what some items are worth now.

Anyway, what really makes an items worth? Is it that a small amount of people can or are willing to pay the asking price. Or is it what a majority of people would be willing to pay for it? There are a lot of items in the GAH that are overpriced. Overpriced as in they are posted for 1b - 2b gold, but are not worth that & only very few people would pay that price. The same items with similar stats that get posted around 500M gold sell reasonably fast & regularly. That takes into account though what items are worth in the game & has no relevance to any outside influences (3rd party sites)

So an argument can be made that items are worth what a majority is willing to pay in the game & if a lot of items are over priced in the GAH now. Then better items have plenty of room to be posted at higher prices. (within the price cap).

Or you could throw a spanner in the works & say that a cap on the amount gold an account can carry would be better at adjusting things & making it more even for a majority of players. (bet that comment made a few people scream at their screens lol)

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A cap is a challenge. They limit me to 10 auctions I WILL GET THAT TO 11.
Whatever the reasoning was initially for the 2B cap I'm sure is still a factor - just that probably none of us understand it. I'm sure it has more to do with server side space or programming in the code.

However, if that wasn't a factor, I don't see what raising the cap is hurting anyone. Too many haters in this thread concerned more with making fun of the problems of those with more gold. This is completely unconstructive.

The real question is, if the cap was removed, would players bring their gg gear back to the AH from the third party sites? That's all the OP is concerned about, more options available in the AH that he can spend his gold on. And if raising (or removing the cap) helps with this, why not?

Most of you don't even care about the sales of items valued this high, so why pretend like where it's being sold is any concern of yours? There's nothing wrong with this request at its core.

Just haters be hating.
keep the cap it will own overpriced duped gear you love so much. they really need to drop rmah to $100-150.
I don't understand why there are caps in the first place on an inflation-prone ecosystem.
Smell that greed? Maybe you will get your wish, Blizzard is after the same thing after all, they don't care about quality anymore.

As for the 3rd Party Websites, I really couldn't care less, if you want more than what items are worth, then use them instead, stay of the Diablo 3 AH. Have fun with your unsafe transactions, you all deserve each other.
Don't be so greedy. It's a game. Not everyone has 2 billion and not everyone is going to dual wield their credit cards either.
Agree with OP that cap needs to be removed. I am not a billionaire but like what OP said, having a cap of 2b will only result in gg items being sold on 3rd party sites.

For people that said it will only benefit a small group of ppl looking for these GG items, that's true, but then again there is NO draw back with raising the cap. Crap items worth 10m gold will not suddenly become 1b, cause no one will pay 1b for crap. Raising the cap will only bring benefits, no drawbacks. Price of items are determined by market forces not AH cap.
this again??? i'm against the ah cap removal, please do something else, like play the game instead of play the ah?

quit QQ-ing bout the cap already

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