Ah cap is a burden to all players

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Not a priority but it must be addressed. Make the cap the same as the amount of gold a single account can bear.
04/29/2013 08:00 AMPosted by Zaxxon23
They in fact need to reduce the cap to 100 million. This would solve everyone's complaint about inflation.. oh and they need to make 3rd party trading impossible.. This would force the 100 million cap.

Are you trolling or truly that dense?

Seriously what is wrong with you people? Either you bring retardedness to a whole new level or our public education system has failed us horribly.

It does not take much in the way of brains to understand the extensive inflation brought on by both bots and plvling. Obviously, prices raise as a result. This is elementary economics people.

The point is that removing the cap is going to make things worse. Lowering the cap would make things better. Can you not understand why?
Yes we're at a stage that a lot of high end items are exceeding the 2b AH price cap Blizzard has implemented.

I am sure everyone has notices all the really good items are gone in seconds in the AH. and never to be seen again. only on 3rd party website at the exceeded 2b limit Blizzard enforced.

By removing the cap more items will actually circulate in the ah.

Most top tiered players are more than willing to pay 2b+ for an actual upgrade on the AH than reverting to other websites.

I wonder if blizzard will even bother reading this to be honest.
Please please please set the cap down to 5 million so all these idiots who think magically they will be able to get all the gear they could never afford before will see the eventual consequences of not raising the cap now.

Hint: you mouth breathers still won't get quads or crit mempos or EFs.

The point is that removing the cap is going to make things worse. Lowering the cap would make things better. Can you not understand why?

So that NOTHING good goes on the AH, and even more trade is forced outside of it? Good idea bro.

Fact: Anything of value over 2 billion is traded outside of AH

Fact: Whatever you set the cap at, items of value more then that will be traded outside the AH.

So if you set the cap at 100 million, guess what, you just made it so nothing of value over 100 million will go on the AH, and even more trade wil be forced outside of the AH. This is a HORRIBLE idea.


Again, you have to remove outside trade to make this work. Remove it. Entirely. No dropping items, no person-person trades. AH only, with a lowered cap.

Raising the cap is just going to put more money into the hands of chinese botters. Is that really what you want?

@Tias the "MVP"

Stop comparing this economy to WOW's economy. No one cares about WOW's economy and how it relates to the best items in that game because the best items in WOW are found through skill in PVP and raiding and are bound on account.

In Diablo the economy is a much more HUGE part of the game. The best items are totally RNG and trading them without caps in a free market is what makes Diablo fun!

If no caps exist in the trade window in-game, no caps should exist on the AH, it is common sense!

You use the AH as another tool of trade, and the ease it provides along with the marketing of your item to a broad base is why you pay the 15% tax, BUT HAVING CAPS ON IT IS STUPID!

Not only that, but he mentions how WOW raised the gold cap *REPEATEDLY*


In any event, the devs arent as stupid as this guy.

The cap will be raised because at some point, its inevitable. End of story.

That is not a free market, that is against the spirit of Diablo, we can't all have nice things.

It is not my job to fight Chinese botters or even care about them, I built my gold fortune legitimately,, the botters are Blizzard's problem to deal with.

Really we're here now at the crux of the issue - Botters and the massive inflation they introduce, and Blizzards inability to stop it.

If they could legitimately remove the top 10 botting syndicates from the game, I guarantee that the 2b cap would be close to being sufficient again, almost overnight.

I think that a stunningly bad decision is to have kept the artificial floor at 25 cents - Im not sure why they have done this, but there is no doubt at all that the vast majority of gold buying is not happening on the RMAH. The gold floor drives customers right into the botters hands.

Three changes, 2 of which are painfully simple, 1 of which is painfully hard, would give great benefit to D3's macroeconomy. The added massive goldsinks of BoA and Marquise Gems were a fantastic start, which suggests to me that someone gets it in there somewhere.

1. Remove AH cap. Stop driving an ever increasing portion of the market out of the in house trading platform.

2. Remove price floor for gold on RMAH, stop driving players into the hands of 3rd party sites by charging 20x the price for gold that everywhere else does

3. Do some careful account analysis and initiate a banwave on the botters and dupers. They are the real root of inflation. and realistically, 1 & 2 would not be necessary if this were done properly.

Flipping can't really be addressed (and shouldn't) as it is, like it or not, legitimate activity.
Flipping can trivially be addressed by introducing a small listing fee. 1% of the base price would solve flipping.
04/29/2013 08:08 AMPosted by CaesarB
yo OP, not all us play with a credit card ya know

+1 this

Putting petty feelings above your actual interest, can you manifest just a bit more loser mentality please?

I seriously have no idea why you would give up something beneficial to you, just because you feel jelly.

For your information...people consider something by asking if it is beneficial to themselves first...not if is beneficial to other ppl first...

Further, OP is saying you can't sell stuff of 4bil in AH, too. It's about you WONT able to sell multi-bil items to probably credit card wielding buyers in AH...it is completely stupid to suddenly pop out "not all us play with a credit card ya know" and followed by someone's "+1" - epic comprehension fail.
04/29/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Surt
Flipping can trivially be addressed by introducing a small listing fee. 1% of the base price would solve flipping.

Fee simply adds more price distortion to the original item.
I am stunned someone in this thread actually said the 2 billion cap is a reference of the most expensive item that prices should be fixed and adjusted accordingly...

Just curious maybe I missed something but is there any English speaking country in the west still practices price control? Please let me know.

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