i think i understand why the trolls are here 24/7

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koji, dont make me laugh, you can bash me all day long and it wont do squat to help your case, only thing itll do is show who the real trolls are, seperating the wheat from the chaff so to speak

edit: and lawl, dml failing at being a troll again, comparing elite kills again, can we keep him folks? hes kinda cute in a childlike kinda way :)
well...D2 did have build diversity. I personally made 6 different sorceresses that were all competitive in PVP and PVE.

Frozen orb/T-storm
chain lightning

How many different wizards can you make that are functional? 2


You want me to go on with all the other D2 classes and builds?
you may have made a few competitive builds but that doesnt truly mean they were viable in the same sense that most people think of the word in the Diablo series
oh you misunderstand dml, im saying your a troll, but your just not a very good or competent one

ive seen good trolls, used to play a game that had a forum filled to the gills with em, we called that forum "new player unfriendly", and those trolls were so damn subtle half the time people didnt even know it was happening, they didnt use that cheap imitation-troll stuff like "u mad bro?"
they were all able to farm hell baal, countess, mephisto, cows, hell rush. They all rocked in PVP.
yes Hobes, but how long did those farming runs take per-run?

and on that note i must go for a while, stuff i must attend that takes priority over the internet, i shall be back though :)

hope to see more quality replies when i get back though surely ill see plenty of troll-replies too
sorry DML, im an atheist so no religious Amen for you :)

^ true fact

edit: and dml, i know youve already lost the argument when you ditch what little logic your brain has and start calling ME a troll, who was the guy thinking elite kills mean squat? wasnt me now was it? oh right it was you and your lover-user here on page 1

in closing: dml, if your not a troll, then your an elitist snob judging by your posts, but im still voting on Troll, though you may have a little Elitist in you aswell
Dude hasn't hit inferno yet since launch day?


I knew lavos was either new or a casual, but seriously lol. But he's probably just trolling.

This guys is right. I like D3 just like OP, but as I have levelled all classes to 60, and beyond, and geared them all pretty well, and paragon levelled a lot of them, and killed Diablo inferno with all of them, my opinion has a bit of value when I say that despite a lot of problems, this game is fun. I have been playing for almost a year now.

As for OP, sorry, but your opinion doesn't really matter. I mean, you can say whatever you want, but there's no value to it. It's like a guy who watches the first 5 minutes of a movie and says to everyone how good the movie is and that people have no reason to hate it. Maybe they don't, but you can't know that (as you only watch the beginning). Diablo starts at inferno man.
The trolls are here 24/7 because the forums are more fun than the game itself.

But seriously, the reason we complain isn't because we are whiny babies, it is because we want this game to be good. Some people (like myself) waited 10 years for this game. There are certain things about this game that are good (gameplay) and some things about this game that are awful (itemization, customization etc).

You'll understand better when you join some public games and see a barbarian, monk and wizard all wielding different versions of Skorn, or Echoing Furies. Or the time you get your first ilvl63 legendary drop, only for it to roll like absolute balls. Then 10,000 elite kills later, when you are doing the same exact thing, getting the same crap drops that make no sense, with the same random wizard/monk/barb wielding EFs and every DH wielding Manticores except for the few who get sick Calamities, you realize that this isn't the game you hoped for.

I still play because quite frankly, I am waiting for ESO (hope to get in beta) and I don't feel like investing in another game right now. I log on, play for an hour, get incredibly bored, and log off. I haven't even bothered leveling another character because I already know what the end game will be like, and it's not appealing.

Trolls are mad because deep down, every troll was/is a Diablo franchise fan. We all want(ed) this game to be awesome. We complain because we haven't given up on this game.

My college coach gave me great advice once after chewing me out for losing a game. He told me he yells at me because he wants me to succeed, and wants me to get better. The day he stops yelling is the day he's given up. I like to think that we trolls still scream and complain because we haven't given up just yet.
They didn't differ too much (give or take a minute). Chain lightning was a bit slower than the rest, but they all cleared end game content quickly.

Not trying to be mean, but you sound like you don't know what you're talking about...
seronn, i never claimed itemization in D3 was any good, in fact i said it was just as crappy as D2

and if the trolls want this game to be awesome, then their not going about this in the right way because non-constructive criticism and/or feedback = useless

if you want the devs to make the game awesome (which im sure ALL of us want) then give them constructive feedback and such, dont bash them, dont complain 24/7, be USEFUL

at this point in time the trolls are NOT useful, they bash the games and QQ for the dumbest of reasons, they never actually acknowledge the GOOD things D3 has brought, they sit around comparing it to D2 and bashing it for NOT being a D2 Clone as if that somehow will have any positive effect

you get what im saying people? use your brains
Lol @ OP...
You actually have not played any "end game" why should anyone listen to your rant about players trolling the forums? I mean that's just silly to not even be lvl 60? Or beat inferno on MP 0?

Finish the game and grind out some end game for a small bit. Then come here and complain. Man I am a casual compared to lots.. You are Noob personified.
People who have a differing opinion than you, or criticize the things you like =/= troll

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