i think i understand why the trolls are here 24/7

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I'm so tired of people having below 5k elite kills who defend the game. Get your 20-40k elite kills, try to gear up without using real money. Play the game as much as other people (the ones who complain) and then speak.

So 5k kills allows you to have an opinion? I hope you realize how idiotic that sounds.

Get over your emotional attachment to this game please.

20-40k elite kills, funny stuff man. Some people do other things besides being a D3 shut-in, and their opinion is just as valid as yours. Kick and scream all you want. We do not care.
04/29/2013 10:43 AMPosted by Karlsvarg
Hey guys I heard trolls were trolling each other here.

You heard right.
yeah bearr, i dont pay people to PL my chars, i dont PL either or abuse exploits

and if you say what i say has no value because im not in inferno? then ill say it straight: your just plain stupid
yeah Karis, the trolls think im a troll but their all being foolish, claiming what i say has no value because i havent been in Inferno yet, but last i checked, not everyone who plays this game has 24/7 to do it, im lucky if i even get time to play in any given week
beat the game. then come back and tell us we are wrong without trolling.

Ya I just saw this myself.. and I do believe that everybody usually has a valid opinion no matter where they are in the game, but this game is just a tad different.

My opinion of D3 at the OP's stage in the game (Act 1 Hell), was a hell of a lot different than it is now. I think most people can agree, leveling from 1-60 (Normal through hell) is actually decent. It's when you hit inferno and beat it that suddenly most people's opinion's change. Not saying OP will fall into this category, but the numbers show they probably will.
aand Deadly, whenever i beat inferno, im not gonna form a massive overinflated ego like these guys, if your new, to me your opinion is just as valid as anyone elses, and im gonnaa stay like that because i prefer to use my brain and use rationality and intellect, not let it rot and drip out my ears

when i beat inferno ill be proud, sure, but i wont be going up to any newbies or casuals posting here saying bullcrap like "beat inferno and then your opinion will be valid"
yeah bearr, we know you got a PHD in Quack Psychology

trust me, theres alot of people nowadays (not all) who get MDs and PHDs to be professors or doctors yet they didnt actually get the college education the field requires for various reasons so they graduate college being effectively useless in their field of choice, hence we refer to them officially as Quacks, its a term meaning you graduated and became a doctor or proffessor but knowledge wise you never learned anything. being a Quack in laymans terms: your a fake
how about you guys stop acting like children and thinking profile means anything, we dont have a PVP Ladder system so it doesnt really hold any weight guys, also im not praising D3 based on how much of the game ive completed

but as expected, anti-troll post using reason and logic lures in all the trolls because god forbid anyone praise D3 for anything

also if you think my posts are "pure troll" zaxxon i suggest you get your eyes checked, it actually does add to the community, it talks about why all the trolls are so ticked and why its pure childishness for them to be that way

but you wouldnt know that if you didnt read the posts now would you? i know people hate walls of text but come on, dont be lazy for something thatd take all of 2-3 min of your day...unless your at work or something, in which case why the heck would you be here in the first place?

Profile doesn't mean anything, but a review of a game does usually require actual hours logged into a game. Your post is equivalent to a first look or beating Normal in D2. !@#$, you haven't even unlocked all runes yet.

I actually agree that my first run through of Diablo 3 was interesting enough(If Normal/Nightmare weren't so damn easy)

I have in fact gotten far more than my money from this game. I don't think the game was a rip off in anyway. But It's still disappointing that the game wasn't something more, and I do still feel like Diablo 2 was a better game for what "I" like to see in a game.

Inferno "is" diablo 3 in the same way Hell was Diablo 2. No one can take anyone seriously who hasn't even seen it.

This is coming from someone who hasn't beat Inferno yet because I can't make up my mind of what class I want to play and whether or not I want to play hardcore(Where I seem to D/C and die quite efficiently in)
ok mike, do explain where you get this idea that i was ever telling people to stop complaining about Inferno? or claiming Inferno is easy? or even talking about it at first? do you need to go back and read my first 2 posts from page 1 too like dml? cus your totally out of angle here, you and others are the ones who brought Inferno into this thread where it has no place being here, not me, and you did so simply by trying to tell me my opinion is "invalid since im not in inferno"

so if my points in this thread when it started said absolutely nothing about Inferno, how do you make that inexplicable leap and bring Inferno INTO this topic where such things were NOT to be part of the discussion hence they were not referenced in my first 2 posts

you guys came in here and started trolling with all that Inferno bullcrap and your trying to pin that on ME? get out of your moms basemenet please, get a job, get a life that doesnt spend 24 hours a day on a computer, maybe learn that not everyones life revolves around D3 and beating it as fast as possible

and ontop of that, learn that having a lower-end number of Elite Kills DOESNT make someone's opinion invalid
I think what people are trying to say (in a round about way Lavos) is that once you hit inferno, things usually start to change for people. The game is best suited for casual play (like yourself) so everything just may work out great for you.

What you may find once you hit inferno is that suddenly your upgrades come to a grinding halt. You may or may not find find items that allow you to beat inferno (even on MP 0), you may have to hit the AH (if your fine with that). The thing is, if your a casual who barely plays, you may not even be able to afford the upgrades to beat inferno.

If you do find (or buy the equipment) to beat inferno, and continue to look for upgrades. Chances are (actually a near guarantee) you won't find another upgrade or a piece of equipment you could sell for some. With this, like many others, you could look at the game and think "what's the point of playing" under these conditions. Then you could become slowly aggravated and jaded with the whole system (especially if you played D2). You may feel you got your money's worth, most people do not. Most people can type out a laundry list of games they got more hours out of.

Then essentially if you follow that path (like a ton of casuals have as they make up the majority of the population), you will become one of the very trolls you speak of.

This is why people are telling you, you need to beat inferno first because at the stage in the game now where you are, you'll be hard pressed to find anybody who had a problem with D3 at your point.
and Hyloth, my thread wasnt attempting to review the game in case you ALSO didnt read my firsst 2 posts which were long i admit, i was pointing out why the trolls are angry, why they have no RIGHT to be, and comparisons showing things D3 improved upon since D2, which none of those things have anything to do with how far in the game you are

when will you people actually learn? i didnt review the gaame, i said nothing about inferno, and the points i made in my initial 2 posts have nnothing to do with someones game progress

until you guys get that through your thick skulls, im sure youll keep trolling me/flaming me/etc

it all goes back to square 1 doesnt it? im not bashing D3 for every little thing it did so im getting massively trolled by people who lack intellect and make this strange connection between gameplay progress and validation of opinions which have no root in gameplay progress

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