i think i understand why the trolls are here 24/7

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and Van, elemental damage wont help you in D2 when facing a monster that thanks to Hell Difficulty's mechanics, lucked out and got Random Affix Immunities for ALL damage types in D2, aka unless you can pierce their Immunities you cant damage them :P
04/29/2013 10:53 AMPosted by Lavos
yeah Karis, the trolls think im a troll but their all being foolish, claiming what i say has no value because i havent been in Inferno yet, but last i checked, not everyone who plays this game has 24/7 to do it, im lucky if i even get time to play in any given week

First it's "Karlsvarg" or "Karls", no "i" but anyway no problem.

Second I'm intrigued you still haven't reached Inferno yet you say you've been playing since launch but you're right though, not everyone can play 24/7, some have to go to work or school, while others have some more free time than others.

Third, not everyone here are trolls (maybe a majority of the posters are though).

Fourth, I'm not sure all "trolls" really did expect D3 to be D2.5 but I'll admit I was disappointed when I saw D3. Reminds me of WoW a little too much. Thing is, a lot of fans waited a long time for a sequel, it's only natural for them to express their feelings after waiting that long for this.
mike, if you and the other people who have been posting like you guys have would leave this thread and take your issues elsewhere, id be truly thankful

this thread was intended for peaceful discussion of issues that are commonly brought up, issues like general attitude towards troll-like users, and D2 vs D3 comparisons and why people say one or the other is better and logical views of why or why not those things are true, then you and otheers came in here and started screwing up the place with stuff that wasnt even relevant

@OP: If you are sure you're not trolling, consider this: In the 3 hours you've spent writing this thread, you could have taken your Wiz through the rest of Hell and made it to Inferno. You've got enough Reduced-Level-Gear on that you should be breezing through Hell. You could have done it while this was still on page 1 and been back in time to say "Nope, I just got to Inferno and still feel that your negative feedback is unjustified and unconstructive"

Gotta be close to 4 hours now. That's like spending 4 hours defending the fact that you can judge the Godfather Part 3 without having seen it, rather than just spending the 3 hours to just see it.
cool Mr. level58 has not yet had a chance to farm mp10 for 1500+ hours and still not get any good drops to show for it like 99.9% of us have

i would think that with that much in game time gives us the right to complain about, or compare to D2 as much as we want.

get on our level and then complain about complainers thx.

you even said yourself that if there were ladder in the game you would play more lol. shows how much you love the game that you cant even force yourself to play it unless they add more to the game.
04/29/2013 12:21 PMPosted by Lavos
and Van, elemental damage wont help you in D2 when facing a monster that thanks to Hell Difficulty's mechanics, lucked out and got Random Affix Immunities for ALL damage types in D2, aka unless you can pierce their Immunities you cant damage them :P

Where did you find that animal ? i could never find something that is immune to all
Im not on of those trolls complaining all the time through the forums but I want you to think for a second.

Would you buy Halo 2 thinking its similar to the first Halo?
Assassins Creed 2 thinking its similar to the first?
Gear of War 2 similar to the first?

Point is when you use the same game name like that, as if its a sequel, you make people think the game will be similar. There was no reason to think otherwise.
and sorry Karls, that musta been a typo, i got a new desktop recently and the keyboard is a bit odd compared to what im used to, keys are closer together than most keyboards so typos abound

and to your points, yes not everyone here is trolls, and yes, peoples free time tends to vary based on what obligations they have in life, unfortunatly my set of circumstances in recent years has not been kind to my former life of gaming alot each week, been that way since late 2010, and your also right, probly not all hte trolls expected D3 to be D2.5, and i admit i was less pleased with D3 at launch than i am right now, but as i said in my first 2 posts, the devs made mistakes, realized it, and have been trying to fix them over time, and i waited a good 8 or more years for a D2 sequel too, im right there with everyone else, i was hoping D3 would be more than it is, but that was not the reality that came to be, but theres not much we can do about it other than try to give the devs as constructive and concise feedback as possible and hope things keep improving
How can u even comment when you have not even gotten to end game content or Inferno mode yet?
van, i found them several times in my many playthrus of D2 Hell, they werent realyl common and it was all the luck of Random Generating, just liek the maps/chests/dungeons were randomly generated, so too were the Bonus Affixes monsters got in Nightmare/Hell to make it harder, sad tale coming, but firsst time i played D2 and got to hell, i was severely under-staatted and geared but didntt know it back then, was having trouble in the Blood Moor without even /p setting, so i find this zombie, realize i cant kill it, the damn thing wouldnt stop chasing me, i eventually died in the Cold Plains, that zombie then followed my location all the way to the edge of A1 Rogue Camp, i literally could not leave town cus itd hit and kill me on the way out of the gate XD

but that was my first time in D2 Hell, so as expeccted i made mistakes, ive since beaten it many times, if i encountered an All Immunity monster and couldnt outrun it by 2+ maps, id just Save & Exit and go back thru the area hoping to not get another one like that
To not troll:
Comparing d2 to d3 is fine imo. They are sequential games in a series...
If you don't like d3 because you like d2 better, that's fine too.
Every person has the right to like a game, or not like a game, based on anything they chose.

To troll:
04/29/2013 08:20 AMPosted by Lavos
their so mad about D3

04/29/2013 08:20 AMPosted by Lavos
their here and raging 24/7
04/29/2013 12:37 PMPosted by Lavos
realize i cant kill it

i rolfd hard at this...

i literally could not leave town cus itd hit and kill me on the way out of the gate XD

yeah thats brutal

sorry you had to experience that horrific nightmare
i installed D2 last night just to make sure that d3 let me down since launch and still does, so i started a new character i did not even get to level 10 yet and i found 2 set items, honestly i had more fun on d2 last night for the hour i played, than the last 1000 hours on D3 getting really nothing of value, now im not saying these 2 set pieces are valuable or anything, im just saying that items actually drop in D2, in D3 i had to make one of each of the classes before i found a single legendary pre 60, wich is a joke really.

just saying, i wish D3 would even Remind me a little tiny itsy bitsy bit of D1 or D2. but unfortunately it does not, pure cosmetics does not count as in reminding me of a game. i pray someday it might.

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