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and ManBearPig, in your examples, if people would buy those things expecting them to be similar or the same everytime, then they arent very smart with their money, companies and franchises change owning hands constantly, and if they dont change owners, they change objective goals, to expect a game made by 1 company to keep being made by that company and keep being similar till the franchise inevitably dies at some point is foolish, because for all you know that company could be dead or part of a bigger company and lose its fame in a few days after launch of the game

could happen in a few days or a few years or maybe many years, so people who dont realize stuff like this end up making the mistake of buying things expecting them to be what they remember from older titles which isnt always what happens with a franchise, but at least for D3s case, these people dont take responsibility for their own impulses, they blame blizzard for not giving them the game they were expecting based on a previous release, all blizz did is put D3 on retail shelves after developing it, nobody was held at gunpoint and forced to buy it, so how it blizz's fault? if people have money, poor impulse control and dont understand some of the ways the world works in, then i hate to say it, their gonna make mistakes

is it normal to expect a game made by one company will stay similar for future releases? sometimes, but other times its best to know whats really going on before putting your money in that gamestop cash register
Thank you for posting, but I'm locking this topic since it's gone a non-constructive route.

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