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To say that the timers are inaccurate is an understatement. I'm getting sick of losing bids to expiration on items that I have my heart set on when the timer says it still has 2-3min remaining. I've only found two ways to refresh my auctions. The first is to close the auction house and open it again. If you do this too many times, it will disconnect you for performing too many actions in a given period of time. Another way is to do a search with the given parameters over and over as time elapses. Still, losing bids when my work around refreshes says it has 3 min is absolutely infuriating at times. It's moments like that when I exit the game and find something else to play. More accurate times would be greatly appreciated.

Also, it would be nice to have a refresh button in the Auctions tab. I'm am perplexed as to why this wasn't implemented from day one.
What I do is once I bid on the item, I know the exact stats I need to filter by. Once the auction is at say 10m left, put in the exact search parameters so you can quickly find the exact item you are bidding on. In this view you can literally spam "Search" and it will function in the way you describe without disconnecting you.

Once you have the timing down, you get your max bid in with 15-20s left and enjoy your item. If you don't win with your max entered in that final 15s, then you either undervalued the item or someone just wanted it more.


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