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We at Blizzard love our talented community, and we’re continually awed by the creativity of our players. Be it fan art, songs, cosplay, or writing, there’s always something new that players just like you are creating and sharing with other passionate Diablo players out there.

Below is a sampling of some of the artists and creative individuals from all over the world that we’ve showcased recently. You can find out more about them in their respective blogs.

  • 10/11 - [Papercraft] - Artisan Showcase: The Papercraft of TaeHyeon Hong
  • 9/30 - [Fan Art] - Artisan Showcase: The Art of István Dányi
  • 9/20 - [Fan Art] - Artisan Showcase: "Leah the Diablo" by Sheh
  • 9/6 --- [Music] - Artisan Showcase: The Diablo Dubstep of Refraktion
  • 8/23 - [Sculpture] - Artisan Showcase: The Sculptures of Chanapat Srinakkarin
  • 8/3 --- [Music] - Artisan Showcase: The Wizard Raps of Melkor#1521 aka Mikey Mayez
  • 7/26 - [Toys] - Artisan Showcase: Lion and Pan's Diablo Toy Motorcycle
  • 7/17 - [Cosplay] - Artisan Showcase: Anime Expo + Diablo Cosplay = Awesome
  • 7/5 --- [Fan Art] - Player Spotlight: Dmitriy "Tamplier" Prozorov's Epic Blizzard Fan Art
  • 6/28 - [Media Gallery Update] - New Fan Art Added to Media Gallery
  • 6/21 - [Action Figures] - Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of TeknoKyo Customs
  • 6/14 - [Fan Art] - Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of Dustin Synnestvedt
  • 5/24 - [Cosplay] - Fan Creation of the Week: SakuraFlame and Kotori Cosplay
  • 5/17 - [Fan Art] - Fan Creation of the Week: Diablo III Anniversary Art
  • 4/26 - [Fan Art] - Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of Robert Maldonado
  • 4/19 - [Sculpture] - Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of Samo Kramberger
  • 4/18 - [Media Gallery Update] - Winning Fan Art Added to the Diablo Media Gallery
  • 4/12 - [Fan Art] - Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of Crimson-Nemesis
  • 3/29 - [Cosplay] - Fan Creation of the Week: David Lines Cosplay
  • 3/22 - [Gamer Food] - Fan Creation of the Week: Eat Game Live
  • 3/21 - [Comic Contest] - Blizzard Comic Contest Call for Entries
  • 3/15 - [Cosplay] - Fan Creation of the Week: Crimson Cosplay
  • 3/1 --- [Fan Art] - Fan Creation of the Week: Silk Art
  • 3/1 --- [Media Gallery Update] - The High Heavens and Burning Hells Collide in New Diablo Fan Art
  • 2/22 - [Fan Fiction] Fan Creation of the Week: /r/Diablo's Short Story Winners
  • 2/19 - [Valentine’s Day Fan Art] - Diablo, the Lord of…Love?
  • 2/15 - [3D Fan Art] - Fan Creation of the Week: The 3D Character Art of Marie-Michelle Pepin
  • 2/8 --- [Cosplay] - Fan Creation of the Week: Pixel-Ninja Cosplay
  • 2/1 --- [Cosplay] - Fan Creation of the Week: The Cosplay of Anna He
  • 1/25 - [Fan Art] - Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of Deiv Calviz
  • 1/18 - [Song and Video] - Fan Creation of the Week: “Add Me Maybe”
  • 1/11 - [Media Gallery Update] - Take Flight with New Diablo Fan Art
  • 1/4 --- [Fan Art, Songs, Lyrics, Covers, Cosplay, and Replicas] - Community Spotlight: 2012 Retrospective

  • If you’re craving even more Diablo fan art, we’ve got you covered! We frequently highlight additional fan creations on our Diablo Facebook and Diablo Twitter, so make sure to check out the Featured Diablo Fan Art on Our Facebook Gallery, which includes over 100 additional images.

    Our very own Blizzard Fan Art Media Gallery also houses an additional 100+ highly impressive pieces of Diablo fan art to amaze and inspire you. Have high quality fan art to submit? Review our submission policy and share your work. Just be aware that we only select the best of the best pieces to showcase in this gallery, so if you want to make sure that everyone has a chance to see your Diablo-related fan art or other creations, please also post it in the Community Creations forum.

    On top of that, our Community Managers are constantly on the look-out for more incredible Diablo creations to share with the Diablo III community. So if you think you have something amazing to share, let me know about it over on Twitter, deviantART, or Reddit!

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