Walking away Gear and 10m Gold Give-Away

I'm giving the Monk on my profile, "Enyo" away along with 10m SC gold. No strings attached, I'm just done...

The only eligibility requirement is to have a Paragon Level 0-10 Monk on your profile. I want to help somebody instead of further enriching the 1%

Post a reply if you are interested. I'll use an RNG and pick the reply number as the winner at 9:00 PM PST Friday, May 3rd
hi, obligitory post. I like free stuff.
Can I have the 10M gold to unsocket my 2 Marquis gems..?

I keeed, I keeeed!

bump...good luck to whomever gets the freebees!

While my monk may be far over the restriction of paragon 10 you set, I am far from the 1%, and short of buying gold upgrades are very far away from me, If willing I would like to enter for the gold :D
you're frigging awesome man!
good luck with your future endevours
not entering btw just giving you thumbs up =)
I could probably use some gear, and some money. I'm trying pretty hard to get better.
I'm only slightly over the Paragon 10. I just hit 12 yesterday. If you see fit I'd like to be entered.
Sure man thanks. Congrats in advance to the winner. :)
Frigg, would love that amulet, or anything else you'd be willing to part with. Thanks...
Good times. Count me in! Thanks, Waxdabs
Would love some help getting started on a monk. Just finished a barb and all the other classes are way to slow for me.

So put me in the drawing!!

P.S. Any other gear you want to get rid of or anything would be greatly appreciated!
Would be honored to wear the gear. My Monk needs help. Good Luck Frigg.
Don't think I've ever had over a million gold at once. >.>
I'd use some gold if you don't mind.
My monk is one of the few here that can be considered below average. If I'm chosen, I just want the Echoing Fury.
Ill just post for kicks and giggles, pl2 woot woot! Highest paragon I have =/ womp womp
I need it... i need the help in any way, shape, or form.
Just under the 10 paragon on my monk, would be a nice little boost.
I would like to be considered. Thank you and good luck everyone :)
Consider me plz

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