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The amount of time it takes to acquire good drops is ridiculous. It's no wonder people are asking the exuberant prices for items on the AH, as it takes countless hours of farming with little to no returns of decent items.
Most of the games I own cost me far less than 60$ and have lasted for several years at least. Then the fanboys come and throw around words like 'spoiled' and 'entitled' as if theres something wrong with voicing your dissatisfaction with an inferior product. The only redeeming feature of Diablo 3 in my eyes is that I was able to make my money back with the rmah, but I'm sure there are plenty of people out there not nearly as lucky as I was.
Then why sre you still commenting? lmfao
Yeah, congrats we know d3 isn't an mmo. Same to any other lame !@# who has to point that out. But gee, do you think there is a reason d3 broke sales records? Could it be perhaps because despite d2 also not being an mmo it was more than just popular? Dumbass.
Yeah I think we are a bit overdue for a new area. Perhaps the unicorn-land was meant to tide us over for a while but I think even it has worn out now.
It's funny, despite neither d2 nor d3 are MMOs, I remember playing with another player way more in D2. In D3 the mutiplayer experience is the Trade Chat. Lol.

Doesn't the dev realize it by now. The key to have a long lasting and fun experience is to give player freedom, not limiting it, and call it fun.

To the devs in case you are reading, this is why we criticize you for telling us what is fun. Do you get it now?
Thank you for playing Diablo III, and we hope to see you again in the future. I'm locking this thread, since it's mostly non-constructive, though.

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