Patch 1.0.8 goes live tomorrow, Tuesday

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FYI: Patches usually hit on Tuesdays. Blizzard tradition.
I think it is not patch 1.0.8. If it was the patch, had closed the PTR, and the PTR is still active. opinions?

04/29/2013 02:35 AMPosted by Cameo
I m pretty sure it is about time.

It damn well is about time.
I vote for it being 1.0.8! It's VERY unusual for them to start so early without a new patch. Farming another act other than act 3 will be refreshing!! We'll see.
04/29/2013 07:25 AMPosted by Claw8ds
Farming another act other than act 3 will be refreshing!!

I actually have not farmed Act III in quite awhile. Being doing:

Arcane Sanctuary
long maintenance is probably to add server capacity to support the new mob density.

So long maint this week, patch next. best case scenario
I'd trade far fewer drops of leg's if they were all way know - a truly legendary drop, instead of the two pieces of turd I got yesterday.
the devs are all former US Postal no patch tomorrow
They do not announce the patch the day before as someone said earlier. I am betting patch tomorrow because PTR usage has dropped way off. PTR auction house shows that. If they are not getting good feedback from PTR may as well go live and then make tweaks from there.
its' sad that the very first PTR compared to the one now is kinda weird.

I dont notice as much mobs in the fields of misery/highlands/cave of the moon clan, etc.
04/29/2013 03:19 AMPosted by Kreature
1 month for mob destiny ....

Wait... they're updating the mob's destiny's ?

Yeah they no longer fight, they found other jobs. They found their passion in life e.g. the fallen maniacs always wanted to be artists, the deceivers wanted to be magicians, etc. As for the heroes they will be fighting each other mostly until their destiny changes in a later patch after 1.1.
why ppl get so excited about a patch?it's still d3.
This patch is just one huge multiplayer patch basically.

More EXP
more drops (from more MF)
more EXP again
more mobs so you can run a1/a2
ID All so you don't have to wait for players to ID a inventory full of trash

Basically it, hurry up with this minor patch cuz that's what it is.
The biggest change from the start of this PTR to now was the change to "clumping". I didn't like it at first, but it makes sense when you take HC into account.

The overall boost to XP gains are going to outshine the reduction to scorpion XP by a large margin. I don't understand the QQ about the scorpion XP drop at all.
Patch should go live tomorrow. It follows the Diablo3 Roadmap:

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