selling full set

I would like to sell my set in full. I am interested in trying another class.
how much for the soj?
how much for your gloves?
What class are you trying out? I notice you have a DH, would you be interested in swapping your barb gear for my DH's gear? I decked him out and then after a few months realized the playstyle isn't really my cup of tea. Lemme know.
interested in your gloves add me and let me know what you're asking for
instead of selling the whole set, how about you try a different spec? like HoTA?

I used to have a female barb, WWed all the way to paragon level 57. I got bored, sold all barb gear and build a monk. just recently I felt like playing barb again, so I had to rebuild everything from ground up.

barb is a very versatile class. you can actually run different specs without changing a piece of gear.
you can thank me later.

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