Bitter Pill? Feel like such a noob, but...

Demon Hunter
... but here's my question:

Recently went to try an MP level I knew was out of my current set up's league, so I figured I'd probably have to pop Gloom a little more than I'm used to. Given that, I switched over to using Bitter Pill for the first time for the disc regen.

It seems to do more damage than it's specs say. At least, on single targets it seems to kill enemies faster than when I was using Volatile Explosives on single targets.
Does it have a higher proc rate or is it considered black damage to take advantage of a weapon damage multiplier?
I dont think there is any difference, but the delay does make a difference. Unless you are way over your DPS level for killing, I think BP would kill faster since the explosions happen more quickly.
They both say 1 second delay. Have you turned on damage numbers to see what the damage output is? But, regardless of the delay time, your attacks/sec are not changing, so you are not doing any more damage.
Volatile Explosives has a lower proc rate than the other Bola Shot runes.(I think VE is 0.25 while others are 0.5). This is due to the fact that VE is 20yd radius and the others are only 14yd, comparing the areas of the explosions: 400pi yd^2 vs 196pi yd^2 the 1:2 ratio on proc coefficients makes sense.
Whew! Thanks for that... Thought I was going crazy there.

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