Elite WD for Sale (Part 2)

Witch Doctor
Profile updated.
Profile updated.
185 on the knife.
240 for knife and soj? (its all i got)

Ill be in-game in about an hr. message me and we can talk price.

I'm sorry, that's not going to happen.
can you link the knife in game?
i am interested
Invite sent.
BiN Updated on everything. Let's make them move. Open to offers. Go go!
invite sent...I don't see any of your gear on your profile anymore? Would like for you to link me a few of your remaining items in game
Profile updated. Let's make the last 6 items move!!
Almost all sold. 5 Items left. A lot of you got killer deals on these items. Hit me up in game if you can't meet the BiN to see if we can work something out.

Go go...I need a better Nats to hit 300K Unbuffed on my Monk.
Morning Bump. 4 Left!!

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